Malcolm Fontier: The Pakt One

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Elly Yang
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“The Pakt One” by Malcom Fontier is a travel bag that “packs like a suitcase” and “carries like a duffel”. Its compact design can be used as your only bag while travelling. It is priced at $220 and has three colors to choose from (black, grey or navy). I came across this product when I was listening to “The Minimalists Podcast” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus on iTunes, in which they describe it as the only travel bag they use. As my old suitcase is quitting its job, I am searching for a new suitcase/travel bag that aligns with my values (aka. sustainable & simple in design). “The Pakt One” is designed as an all-in-one bag to help environmentally conscious travelers with simplified and responsibly sourced travel accessories. An overall 1.5-planet rating is given to this product for its eco-friendly material, conscious production and plastic-free packaging, yet with potential improvements on more transparencies in terms of working conditions. Pros: eco-friendly material, conscious production and plastic-free packaging Cons: lack information working conditions

What it's made of:


Both the grey and the navy bags use polyester canvas for the exterior. The grey color has patina medal hardware and the navy color has brass ones. The black bag uses water resistant YKK zippers and 420D nylon dobby as its technical exterior fabric. The materials used are animal friendly and comparatively durable. A 1.5-planet rating is given to the “what it’s made of” criteria for Pakt’s continue effort to improve its supply chain with lower environmental impacts replacements.

How it's made:


Pakt has a partnership with _SeaHive_ to educate consumers and fight plastic pollution. The company orders products based on the demand received to reduce over producing and adopts plastic-free packaging. A 2-planet rating is given to the “how it’s made” criteria for its crowdfunding production and sustainable shipping.

Who makes it:


Pakt works with its suppliers and manufactures to make sure that their bags are produced “under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions”. However, further information is not available on the company’s website regarding the details of the working environments of their factory employees. A 1-planet rating is given to the “who makes it” criteria for Pakt’s awareness of ensuring proper working conditions yet lacking supporting details.