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Katie Schooter
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Every Londre swimsuit is made of post consumer fibres primarily derived from discarded plastic water bottles and a certified eco friendly fibre called chitosante. I find this a really interesting and innovative way to deal with the world plastic pollution problem and I always loved the idea of making use of the resources around me. These amazing swimsuits are high quality, long-lasting, and super stylish. I would definitely support this low-key sustainable brand over fast fashion swimwear any day! What is even better is the fact that these swimsuits truly are full circle, because Londre has a recycling and repair program set up for its consumers with benefits. Londre Bodywear is ethically made and sustainable. I enjoy the values of this company, and I feel that they are a great example for other companies to model after regarding the transparency they show to consumers and their innovative efforts in helping solve the world plastic pollution problem.

What it's made of:


Londre has ** taken over 100,000 plastic bottles from the beaches and streets of Taiwan to create a truly sustainable swimwear brand that has a minimum of 6 recycled plastic bottles in every swimsuit! The swimsuit fabric industry is dominated by Polyester. Polyester is a manufactured plastic synthetic fiber usually derived from petroleum (oil), which comes from non-regenerative fossil fuels. This company chooses to use an eco friendly material called chitosante. Chitosante is made out of leftover shells from the shellfish industry that would have otherwise been thrown away, making it a sustainable resource. Chitosante is a naturally durable, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and odour resistant fabric. People who are allergic to shellfish will not be affected by this fabric because usually they are allergic to the meat, not the shell. The resulting sustainable fabric is stretchy, super soft, and breathable. On another note, because of irresponsible textile dying, fast fashion is the second biggest polluter of freshwater in the world, so it's really good to know that all dyes used within Londre swimsuits are non toxic and free of harmful chemicals. I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed by the materials within these swimsuits. I found it easy to find information on what Londre suits are made of, but I wish that this company would go a step further and include a percentage amount of the each material that is used within their suits. I think that this company should accentuate more on the materials in the suit like chitosante, and include that information on their sustainability page.

How it's made:


During the production process, all water used is able to be reused as it is completely free of harmful chemicals. The process of making chitosante does not involve pesticides or insecticides, unlike cotton/wood based fibers. The packaging for this product is designed to be minimal, compostable (made from corn) and recyclable. Londre supports small production to minimize waste, and all fabrics are sourced from an OEKO Tex 100 certified factory in Taiwan. OEKO Tex 100 means that this products materials are certified as being non-harmful to humans. On top of that, the materials used within these suits make for quality and long lasting products. Londre has a recycling program that allows all suits to be rejuvenated into new materials at the end of their long life, along with a 20% credit towards your next purchase. They also have a repair program where Londre will provide compensation to customers who need to have suits repaired within the first year after purchase if needed. I found it easy to find information on the supply chain of these awesome swimsuits, and I think the founders of this company really know what consumers are looking for in a sustainable product.

Who makes it:


Londre was dreamt up on a the beach by Co founders, Ainsley Rose and Hannah Todd while they were working together on a photo shoot in Sayulita, Mexico. They wanted to create flattering, high quality swimwear with the lowest possible impact on the planet. Londre says, “We also can't take care of the planet without taking care of its people'' all of Londre factories are all based in Vancouver, BC and their sewers are all paid well above living wage. Londre bodywear has donated tens of thousands of dollars to environmental and women's health initiatives including Amazon Watch and The Ocean Clean Up Project. This company also supports women of all shapes and ethnicities, and they show this by hiring models who represent all sizes and diversities. The Co founders of this company have worked hard to create a transparent brand. I definitely feel they have succeeded. I enjoy the values of this company, and I feel that they could be great examples for other companies to model after regarding their honest efforts towards making a difference, and the transparency they show to consumers.