L. Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings

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Michelle Cheung Zheng
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The L. emphasizes socially and environmentally aware personal care products for those that menstruate. Their Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings are one type of pad that they offer within their pad selection. The composition and company mission behind this product are made with consumer ethics in mind. However, the company’s recent acquisition by a larger multi-national corporation makes it harder to see the full transparency behind L.‘s social and environmental purpose as a whole. However, considering all aspects of L., personal care products surrounding menstruation are conventionally harmful to consumers in the physiological and socio-environmental realms. L. provides an alternative to those who want to approach menstrual products with care towards their body and society. 

What it's made of:


These particular pads and every product from L. are made with organic cotton. L. promises that they do not include chlorine, pesticides, dyes, and fragrances in their pads. The ingredients of L. Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings mainly include naturally derived cellulose, organic cotton, polyethylene (recyclable plastic), and adhesives. Overall, the pads are made with ingredients that are mindful of how it affects the consumer’s body since conventional pads are often composed of synthetic toxins that are bad for the environment and human health. 

How it's made:


While there is no outline of how L. pads are made, the product states that the pads are made in China and distributed into the United States. Generally, organic cotton is created with better environmental friendliness than conventional cotton production. However, it is hard to picture the full supply chain and sourcing of these pads as there are no given factories and specific sourcing locations of the ingredients. Producing cotton is an especially environmentally intensive process with energy, soil, water, physical, chemical, and land-use inputs. While organic cotton may ease some environmental inputs in this process, L. needs better transparency into how their labor and supply chains fully create L. Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Absorbency Pads with Wings. 

Who makes it:


Founded by photojournalist Talia Frenkel in 2015, the company L. focuses on the production of personal care products like pads, tampons, and liners. The company was started in hopes of helping young women gain better access to reproductive rights. This is exemplified in their one-for-one model where each item sold means one item is given by the company to those in need. They are also a certified B corporation. The social equity aspect of L. is very admirable and the environmental aspect of using organic cotton combines for a promising future for the brand. However, in 2019, the corporation Proctor and Gamble acquired L. which brings into question how L. ethically functions apart from P&G as P&G have had multiple controversies that include labor equity and sustainability. Since they are still a private company, L. may have independence in how their sustainability and labor regulations run but transparency is needed in order for consumers to fully trust the company’s mission statement.