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Cooper Limon
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Klean Kanteen is a major corporation that was one of the first to pioneer the reusable water bottle market. They are climate neutral certified, ensure premium work conditions for their workers, explore the sustainability realm with their research ambassadors, and even donate to environmental non-profits in their own effort to create a cleaner world. Klean Kanteen is an excellent company, taking on as much as they can to help the sustainability of the industry and world that they work in. Klean Kanteen is company passionate about the environment and a firm that truly deserves a three planet rating.

What it's made of:


“All Klean Kanteen products are made from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel.” Stainless steel is comprised of 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and at least 50% iron, making it simplistic in chemical design, yet effective in eliminating the metal from oxidizing and very long lasting. Stainless steel is safe in the fact that no harmful metals will leak into the liquid, making it a healthy option for an individual looking to get away from the carcinogenic chemicals that can leach into your water from drinking out of generic single-use plastic bottles. Klean Kanteen conducts a Chemical Hazard Analysis to ensure the safety of each of the materials used in their wide array of products. The company that supplies the materials to Klean Kanteen has been certified for their business practices as well under the ISO 9001 certification.

How it's made:


Klean Kanteen water bottles and many of the other competing water bottle brands in the market, like HydroFlask and ThermoFlask are manufactured in China. Klean Kanteen expressed their apprehensiveness to foreign manufacturing, but just could not produce at the level and price point they wanted to if they had to make their products in America. They explicitly demonstrated their adherence to fair labor laws, ethical business practices, and environmental safety by keeping a Klean Kanteen representative on site during production accompanied with regular check-ins by more members of the company and third-party audits. Klean Kanteen went as far to interview workers and publish their personal stories on their website to show the care and concern the company has for their workforce...something rarely seen in today’s high consumption market.

Who makes it:


Klean Kanteen sold their first BPA-free stainless-steel water bottle in 2004 with the same goals of preserving natural spaces and ridding the water bottle market of single-use plastics as they do now in 2020. The company was founded by a brother-sister duo and have maintained the family-run business for sixteen years, denying major investors to keep the authentic feel to their business. Klean Kanteen has been certified to be a climate neutral corporation, meaning 100% of their energy is covered by renewable solar power, their resources are sourced responsibly, and any of their leftover carbon footprint is offset through the purchase of carbon credits. Klean Kanteen cares for their workers, cares for their environment, and cares that their reputation is kept in this light. The journal section their website publishes the nature adventures and environmental research conducted by their own employees, which really sealed their perfect score for a company pursuing perfect sustainability practices.


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