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Cooper Limon
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Just Water is a knowledgeable, authentic, and driven company spearheading the reality of sustainable practices in the water bottle industry, while gaining huge amounts of capital. The company responsibly sources their water, has created a very sustainable packaging, and cares deeply for the community that they work among. Just Water is led by the tenacious and young Jaden Smith who is extremely passionate about the welfare of the environment and the consumer can be confident in the integrity and ethics of a leader like this.

What it's made of:


Just Water’s main focus seems to really be on ensuring the just sourcing of their water and flipping around the way that companies have historically drawn water in the past. Just Water has two global sites in the UK and Australia, but their main site in the US is based in Glen Falls, New York where water is an abundant city resource. The website delves into information surrounding the eroding water systems in America and the fact that the US EPA estimates it will “cost over 384 billion over the next 20 years to maintain the nation’s existing water infrastructure". Just Water is working to replace the Glen Falls pipes that are made of a cast iron material that allows nearly 500 million gallons of water to escape each year. Just Water also pays six times the amount a resident would have to pay for the same amount of water to ensure the city’s water source is not over drained. Just Water has sustainable and transparent water sourcing methods that has put them in a mutually beneficial relationship with Glen Falls and the natural environment; that’s sustainability! The 100% purified Glen Falls water is then packaged in the Just Water bottle that is 100% recyclable and is comprised of 54% paper, 28% plant-based plastic, 3% aluminum, and a 15% plastic film that is verified BPA free. The plastic in the cap is made from sugarcane, grown in Brazil (a safe distance from the Amazon rainforest), GMO-free/chemical free, instead of the normally petroleum-based plastics used in single-use plastic water bottles. The sugarcane also functions as a method of carbon sequestration, pulling C02 from the atmosphere, and offers a useful pulp called “Bagasse” that can be used as a clean biofuel. The paper used in the bottle has been sourced from forests that are FSC certified, a third-party certification that ensures a responsible supply-chain, workers rights, respect of local indigenous peoples, compliance with Forest Stewardship laws, and more. Just Water takes full responsibility for the life cycle of their bottles and the preservation of the communities and water bodies that they draw from, making them a much better choice for the consumer than a generic plastic water bottle.

How it's made:


Just Water recognizes the importance of maintaining and helping the community that they work amongst, the small city of Glen Falls, New York. The company operates out of a formerly vacant church, bypassing the construction of an entirely new facility by repurposing an existing one and 92% of the money that went into invested into making the fully finished facility stayed in the city itself. The water testing laboratory built within is certified by the Department of Heath’s Environmental Laboratory Approval Program(ELAP) for assured water safety and compliance. Just Water is also redirecting some of its earned capital towards remodeling the faulty Glen Falls water systems, as touched on above in the “What its made of” section. Jaden Smith and the other executives of Just Water clearly care very much about the people affected by their company’s intrusion into their community and they seem to be very responsible and caring for their workforce.

Who makes it:


Just Water is a sustainable water company founded in 2012 by famous rapper, and actor Jaden Smith and his ultra famous father Will Smith. Jaden was inspired to start this company after he observed plastic trash while surfing and learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that has been estimated by the Ocean Cleanup Organization to span a massive 1.6 million square kilometers, or twice the size of Texas for perspective. On Just Water’s corporate emissions page they relinquished the life-cycle analysis findings conducted by a third-party group called Franklin and Associates who have been providing LCA (life-cycle analysis) consulting to clients since 1975. They found that the JUST water bottle “represents a 50% reduction in global warming potential compared to an average weight PET plastic bottle.” The Just Water company was given a 100 million dollar valuation in 2019, according to the FastCompany website and this growth has been concerning in a sense to the founder, Jaden Smith. He’s worried that if Just becomes too large and production rises to the level of its other water competitors it can lose its original mission to lower the carbon footprint that the single-use plastic water bottle industry has maintained. Along with the positive metrics on the emissions page, the company informs its customers that there are still ways in which it can improve from an environmental standpoint which included switching to fully renewable energy sources, moving away from petroleum-based plastic to plant-based plastic, which they are actively doing, and implementing hydroelectric power at the water sources that they do draw from. Jaden Smith wants to keep this company to its roots, grounded in sustainability and the pure, yet exciting mission for a cleaner water industry and that is what he is working to do with Just Water.


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