JanSport: Hatchet Backpack

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Elly Yang
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I have been using JanSport backpacks since middle school when I didn’t know much about sustainability. Now I am curious if these backpacks are sustainable that I can recommend them to my friends. This “hatchet backpack” is the one I been using recently since 2018. It is priced at $60 with 7 colors to choose from, and it can fit a 15 inch laptop. I like that JanSport care about their workers and their working conditions. Meanwhile, I am amazed to see that JanSport top-selling bags, which account for 60% of their packs, are made using recycled polyester. Because of this, they have saved an equivalent of 13,000,000 plastic water bottles (16oz) this season.

What it's made of:


All JanSport products are designed to be PVC-free, which is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. As one of the 8 top-selling packs, “hatchet backpack” is made from 600 denier recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester. In addition, JanSport avoids cutting down 740 trees a year by using 100% recycled materials in their hangtags.

How it's made:


I would like to see more context of JanSport’s manufacturing processes and maybe more examples of how they “incorporate energy efficiency & renewable energy sources” into their supply chain to reduce carbon footprint as described on their website.

Who makes it:


JanSport has a focus on “safe and lawful manufacturing practices that adhere to the Fair Labor Association code of conduct”. The association is a non-profit that promotes adherence to international and national labor laws. Owned by VF Corporation, JanSport promotes safe working conditions as well as human rights, and it intends to benefit worker communities through their presence.