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After doing research on Honey Mama’s and their Lavender Rose Cocoa Truffle Bar, it really made me feel connected to the company because they are extremely transparent. They put effort into taking their consumers along for the ride and it is obvious that they put a ton of love into their products. Having recently upgraded their packaging for the Cocoa Truffle Bars shows me that Honey Mama’s is willing to make changes towards becoming more sustainable. Also, having such simple ingredients is amazing and doesn’t make me hesitate buying this indulgent food at all, but this simplicity comes at a price. Having such simple ingredients requires a lot of energy to go into temperature management. Since their production facility has to be constantly cold and requires many freezers, this is a very energy hungry system going on. This is something that I feel is usually left unnoticed by consumers, but it does have a huge impact on our environment and I think it should be an issue that is addressed by the company. With all of this in mind, I think Honey Mama’s Lavender Rose Cocoa Truffle Bar is a very well rounded product coming from a genuine, loving, and caring company that I just want to be friends with! (Can you be friends with a company?) I have a feeling that Honey Mama’s really cares about the values of their consumers and would have an open ear to some improvements that they could make in the name of sustainability.

What it's made of:


The ingredients of Honey Mama’s are right on the very front of their packaging. All of Honey Mama’s products consist of five baseline ingredients: raw organic honey, organic cocoa powder, coconut meat, organic unrefined coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt. In the Lavender Rose bar, there are two more ingredients: lavender oil and dried red rose petals. I really appreciate the simplicity of the contents of this little treat, there are only seven ingredients! There are no preservatives or stabilizers in this bar, only whole ingredients. When there are certain ingredients within a food products that I don’t recognize, it makes me kind of wary about what I am purchasing and what I am putting into my body. Honey Mama’s ingredients are recognizable and I can literally imagine in my mind how their products are made.

Honey Mama’s states that they supply their organic ingredients from Hummingbird Wholesale. This manufacturer and distributor is based in the Pacific Northwest, as is Honey Mama’s. I love how on their website they tell you where they get their ingredients from. I feel like most of the time when buying food products, it’s kind of a guessing game. From the Hummingbird Wholesale website, I found all the information I ever wanted to know about the ingredients of this cocoa bar: the honey used is from the hard work of Hawaiian bees from small family owned apiaries and the Alkalized Dutch cocoa is from Italy and is purchased through the Agostoni Equal Partner Direct Buying Program who value and produce “social, economic and environmental benefits for cocoa growers”. The coconut oil is from the Philippines, the coconut meat is from South/South East Asia, and the Himalayan salt is from Pakistan. There isn’t much information on these last three ingredients, but Hummingbird Wholesale claims to choose their products wisely based off of sustainable and ethical practices.

The packaging of the cocoa truffle bars just changed within the past few months. They ditched the plastic sticker and wax paper packaging and swapped it for a recyclable cardboard container and an inner recyclable wax paper wrapping that significantly reduces the amount of inner paper used. 

How it's made:


Since Honey Mama’s ingredients are so simple and don’t include preservatives or stabilizers, the bars need to be kept cold or else they will melt and become a goopy mess instead of the intact bar it’s supposed to be. This means that all throughout the production process, the bar needs to be in a cool place. In a short video on Instagram, they showed lots of chest freezers and also mentioned their production facility has a large air conditioning unit in order to keep the temperature cold throughout the building which also contains multiple walk-in freezers. Having an entire building air conditioned requires a ton of energy to make possible and so does being able to power multiple walk in freezers and chest freezers. It is not stated anywhere about how they power all of the air conditioners and freezers, so I assume they are on the city’s power grid. Portland, Oregon gets its electricity from multiple sources, with hydroelectric and natural gas being the largest contributors. These are better resources than say coal, but I’d like to see how Honey Mama’s is holding themselves accountable for using that much energy, or how they are making sure they are using the bare minimum that they need. I also couldn’t find anything that acknowledges how much power they are using.

Since their bars must be kept cold during production, that also means they have to be kept cold when distributing across the country. They use temperature controlled packaging to ship their bars, but information on what that packaging is made up of is not available, so I can’t be certain that their shipping process from their facility to their customers is practiced sustainably.

Honey Mama’s products are all made in Portland, Oregon, but most of their ingredients are from overseas. This means everything has to be transported to the Hummingbird Wholesale facility in Eugene, Oregon. The length that Hummingbird Wholesale goes in the name of sustainability is really admirable, and I think that Honey Mama’s choice to source their ingredients through this distributor is the right and possibly best way to go. When it comes to shipping, packaging, and sourcing, it seems that Hummingbird Wholesale really thought of everything. Reading through the sustainability page on Hummingbird Wholesale’s website made me think, “Yes! This is the way everyone should be doing it!!”.

I appreciate that Honey Mama’s is extremely transparent with how and where their products are made. There are multiple videos on their Instagram page that bring you into their production facility. Being able to see where my products are being made allows me to build trust with a company and creates this sort of openness, like they are open to the involvement of their consumers.

Who makes it:


All of the products of Honey Mama’s are made in a facility in Portland, Oregon. The employees of Honey Mama’s have a huge presence on the company’s Instagram page. There are so many fun little video series on their page where we can see that these employees love what they do and put their heart into making their products. I really value when companies bring their employees into the eyes of the consumers. To me it shows how appreciative the company is of their employees, as they should be! With these videos of the employees at Honey Mama’s I got the feeling like there are real people involved in the making of their product. When things aren’t so transparent, it’s hard to create a connection with the product, but it was extremely easy for me to make a connection with this company. Their transparency led me to wanting to be a part of the fun! I think that anyone could find themselves within the employees, there are people of all race, gender, and age involved in the making of the bars. The founder and CEO of Honey Mama’s is Christy Goldsby, a woman who grew up in Portland, Oregon. In one video on Honey Mama’s Instagram, Christy talks about how their products are made with so much love, and I can truly see that.