Himalayan Charcoal Glow Mask (The Body Shop)

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Mariam Ziauddin
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As a satisfied user of this product, I will have to say my skin always feel soft and replenished after every use of the Himalayn Charcoal Glow Mask. I personally find the charcoal extremely satisfying to massage into my face! I am in love with how transparent this company is about the type of ingredients are as well as how important it is to them to empower and instill self-love in women. The only significant problem I see after a deep dive on their website is the amount of CO2 used to extract and export the different natural resources used in each beauty care product. Thankfully, their is an absence of exploitation of workers and a presence of regulations to ensure their business has a positive impact on society and the environment!

What it's made of:


The Himalayan charcoal masks is comprised of mature bamboo shoots extracted from the Himalayans by the local community, paired with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil. The products most prized ingredient is charcoal which is known to suck the impurities out of oily skin. The localization of these products are a direct link to low carbon emissions since most of the ingredients aren't shipped across the globe. In their “About the Ingredients” theirs an influx of transparency on the lack of synthetic chemical use and an emphasis on the naturally sources ingredients used in every product. They also talk about the labor conditions from where and how they are extracted from. Especially the controversial ones such a palm oil, propylene glycol, mica, BHT, parabens and a number of other products that are known to be tied with the exploitation of workers and the environment. With all the information under each of their ingredients used, I will give this section of the review a high score!

How it's made:


Anita Roddick, the creator of The Body Shop strives to balance profit and purpose by instilling a Triple Bottom Line business which means to generate enough profit as well as keeping in mind the social and environmental impact the company has. Unfortunately, since The Body Shop has distribution centers all over the country to transport all the products from their processing facilities to their shops cause an increase in carbon emissions. Regardless of this, The Body Shop uses a significant amount of natural ingredients which use less CO2 to create and this approach promotes the use of abundant natural resources rather than a large reliance on massive crop industry and processing. Keeping this in mind, I will be giving this section a lower score.

Who makes it:


The Body Shop surprised me with a tab specifically geared towards answering my questions of who creates these products. Under their California Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure statement they vow to treat every employee fairly with decent working conditions which is what I wanted to hear from any environmentally friendly company! In this section they go into detail about monitoring the working conditions, the disdain from exploitative labor practices and the inclusiveness of all genders and cultures. This company also champions itself as being women owned and empowered! They have campaigned on issues such as stopping violence in homes in 2003, stopping sex trafficking on young children from 2009-2012 as well as becoming apart of the Global Shea alliance in 2011 fighting for safety and the reduction of exploitation of women. With all of this in mid, I will be giving this section a high score in sustainability!