Hello® Naturally Healthy Anti-gingivitis Mouthwash

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Deepa Kaur Bajwa
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I trust that this product is made with quality ingredients that are not harmful for me which is an incredibly important factor, but it is not quite enough. There are not transparent about the process nor do I feel comfortable giving them my money because I do not know how their workers are being treated. I also think that social responsibility should not be a plus but an expectation. I have just purchased this mouthwash and it is a great product, but I will definitely be looking for alternatives, so I can support businesses that I trust.

What it's made of:


The ingredients are certified vegan and cruelty free, and although this certification backs up this claim, there are opponents who bring up negative points about the certification in its entirety. If veganism is important to you, then this is product definitely does not contain any animals or animal derivatives, but veganism does not mean cruelty free. This product was not tested on animals, but that does not means animals were protecting through the process of making this product ie pesticide runoff or environmental destruction. It is really important to make sure that health and beauty products were not tested on animals, but there cannot be too many positive associations made with this certification.

They are also leaping bunny certified which in comparison to the vegan and cruelty free certification is much more impressive. It has one of the highest gold standards in cruelty free products so based on this in conjugation with being certified vegan and cruelty free, I believe they are making credible claims.

This product is also sodium lauryl sulfate free which is a chemical compound that is typically used in personal care products because they create foam, a desired effect which is associated with an “effective” productive. This chemical is known to cause irritation in some people.

It is also bpa-free and contains no phthalates which are chemicals that are used to make plastics more durable but are harmful for humans.

Although they’re boxes are fully recyclable use soy-based ink, the packaging is made plastic which is something they could improve on.

They provided an explanation for why they used what they used, and why they chose to exclude certain ingredients. All the ingredients they added seemed very well thought out.

How it's made:


I could not find any information about how this product is made aside from the fact that it has “globally sourced ingredients and [is] made in the USA.” These are very vague details that do not provide any insight into how the raw materials are extracted or what process they use to create their products.

Who makes it:


I was able to find information about who started the company, but there was nothing about them giving back to communities. I feel as though they are ethically responsible in many ways, but lack in taking social initiatives.