Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen

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Cella DePrima
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While Hawaiian Tropic is working towards an important goal of making their products 100% oxybenzone- and octinoxate-free and they do not use any animal testing, they do not have any other sustainability initiatives. They also have no transparency whatsoever about their production processes, factory locations and conditions, and supply chain, all areas that are very important in evaluating the sustainability of their products. In addition, there are other more sustainable sunscreen brands, such as Badger SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Cream, which is unscented, biodegradable, and certified organic, and Life Basics SPF 30 All Natural Sunscreen, which contains only naturally-derived ingredients.

What it's made of:


The active ingredients in this product are avobenzone (2.0%), homosalate (5.5%), octisalate (4.5%), and octocrylene (4.0%), which provide the functionality of sunscreen. While avobenzone, homosalate, and octisalate are EWG verified, octocrylene raises some concern for me, as it is found to bioaccumulate in both humans and animals, and produces damaging reactive oxygen species upon exposure to sunlight. Some of the inactive ingredients are also of concern to me – for example, aminomethyl propanol has been classified as an irritant and has suspected wildlife and environmental toxicity. In addition, one of the inactive ingredients listed is “fragrance,” which is very unspecific and something I would like to know more about as a consumer. Overall, it seems that most of the ingredients are environmentally friendly, but a few are of concern to me, and I also question the necessity of all of the chemical ingredients in the product, because there are more sustainable brands of sunscreen that do not use them.

How it's made:


Hawaiian Tropic offers no transparency about their production processes, factory locations and conditions, or their supply chain. As a consumer, I would like to know more (or even anything) about these areas to better evaluate how sustainable this product really is.

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The Hawaiian tropic brand values people animals, and our planet, with all of their products certified PETA Cruelty-Free, meaning that no animal testing is used in the creation of their products. They also are following an important initiative in having 90% of their products be oxybenzone- and octinoxate-free, chemicals that are especially harmful to coral reefs, with efforts to make this 100% by 2021. While this is an important goal for a sunscreen company to have, this makes me question why this number is not already 100%, and which products are still using these harmful chemicals. I would also still like to see more sustainability initiatives and transparency about their production.