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Natalya Yakusheva
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Hanx is a brand of condoms that is marketed as sustainable. This brand is committed to their mission of raising awareness about sexual wellness, and they have various related initiatives. They use only the necessary chemicals in their products, and try to keep them as natural as possible. Overall, Hanx seems like a great alternative to other condom brands. However, they could benefit from more transparency about their production process and sourcing of materials.

What it's made of:


The condoms are made from 100% Fair rubber. A fair wage is paid to the workers at these Fair Rubber plantations, they work reasonable hours, the working conditions are safe, and the association promotes the environmentally friendly production of natural rubber. They are also certified vegan and cruelty-free. However, there is no specific information about which exact plantations, or even which countries they source their rubber from. Providing this information would be great to support and show Hanx’s commitment to transparency and fairness.

Other additional ingredients include cornstarch powder, silicon oil, and a vegetable binder extract. Hanx do not use harsh and unnecessary chemicals in their products.

How it's made:


The rubber used in the condoms is vulcanised from natural rubber latex using sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. The chemical input is the bare minimum and is the exact level needed to ensure the condoms are safe. Hanx emphasize their minimal use of chemicals in their product, however, there is no further information about the production process. They do not share the location of their factories, and there is little information about how exactly their product is made. There is also no information about the environmental impact of the process.

Who makes it:


Hanx was founded by two friends in 2017. They wanted to create better sexual wellness products, while also opening a conversation about topics that are usually taboo and generally advocating for better sex education. They work with organisations such as Sexpression UK, to which they donate their condoms. another organisation they partner with is the Lady Garden Foundation, which funds research into treatments of gynaecological cancers.

Hanx also have a mentorship program for the Black community. It includes industry leaders with experience in the Finance, Legal, Media, Fashion, Healthcare, Brand, Accounting, Banking, Tech, Property, Arts and Startups industries.

Overall, they have a lot of initiatives for raising awareness about sexual wellness. They have active social media accounts and a blog, as well as a forum and a podcast. They also actively interact with consumers and often organize surveys for research and feedback.

However, it would be great if Hanx also provided some information about their empoyees, which, at the moment, is absent from their website.