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Abby Williams
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When I began my journey into sustainable fashion, one of the first sources of information I came across was the app Good on You. Similar to Voiz, Good on You is a review platform but focuses on assessing the ethicality and sustainability of brands in the fashion industry. Many of my other peers interested in sustainable fashion have also expressed how they use the app to see sustainable brands to shop from. I do believe that Good on You's reviews are a great starting point for the conscious consumer when it comes to determining what brands are on the right track regarding sustainability. A lot of times it's hard for consumers to find or have access to information on how sustainable and ethical a brand is which is the main factor that Good on You does well, as they provide a single, concise source for information regarding how sustainable fashion brands are. Despite this, I do think that the app and their reviews should not be taken as the be-all, end-all since the information from brands is already pretty limiting upfront. 

What it's made of:


Good on You mainly consists of reviews on brands in the fashion industry but also includes articles highlighting and compiling their reviews. From Lululemon to Veja to H & M, Good on You features reviews on many trendy fashion brands to inform consumers about their sustainability and their ethics. The reviews themselves are rated on three main factors: planet, people, and animals. The planet rating focuses on the brand’s resource and waste management, and policies that they have regarding their environmental impact. Similar to the how it’s made section of this review, people concentrate on the brand’s impact on workers looking at the treatment and safety of workers, payment of living wage, gender equality, etc. And for the animals rating, Good on You rates the brand on their animal welfare policies and how they use animal products in the commodities that they produce. The way Good on You reviews their products is on the right path when it comes to reviewing a brand’s sustainability. They focus on the main factors that are important when determining a brand's sustainability, and because of this, I think that the reviews on the app are doing transformative work in assessing the sustainability of fashion brands and promoting ethical fashion. 

How it's made:


The reviews on Good on You are crafted from information found on the brand by the workers of Good on You. This information consists of many different data sources on the sustainable practices in the three main areas the review focuses on. The reviewer analyzes and compiles this information directly from the brand and its partners, independent certifications, and other third-party-based ratings. After the information is collected, the review is written and rated on a 5 point scale: 5 (Great) being a brand that is leading the industry in the three rating areas, and 1 (We avoid) being the brands with little to no information about any sustainable practices they may be working on. The lack of transparency that brands provide that Good on You is calling out in their reviews is also unfortunately their downfall as they are also lacking transparency regarding where they source their information from, as there are no sources on where the information used for the review is sourced. They also don’t have information on how they’re implementing sustainability into their company or on how their workers are treated or paid, which is why I’ve rated them lower in this category. 

Who makes it:


Although Good on You may lack some transparency themselves, at its core the company is committed to promoting and informing society on the sustainability and ethicality of fashion brands, which is imperative to create sustainable change. By reviewing brands in the fast fashion industry on how sustainable they are, Good on You is contributing to the movement towards creating a more sustainable future. Because of this, I believe that Good on You deserves a high rating in these categories since they are actively calling out brands and trying to promote positive environmental change for a better future. In their ratings, they focus on the UN’s SDGs, specifically concentrating on 12 (sustainable consumption and production), to ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns. In my opinion, Good on You’s activism and commitment to sustainability make it a resourceful application and source of information when determining what brands to shop from.