GoMacro “Protein Pleasure” Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Macrobar

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Devin Carver
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GoMacro is unequivocally a very sustainable brand that encourages following a plant-based lifestyle. The Protein Pleasure bar is full of sustainably sourced, high quality ingredients and the numerous eco-certifications tacked onto the label guarantee that the product is responsibly sourced and manufactured. The main drawback of the protein bar is the high price that comes along with the quality ingredients and delicious taste. While GoMacro is an environmentally conscious brand, they could increase their accessibility to the product and reduce inequalities visible in the food industry by offering products that are more affordable, which is why I was hesitant to give them a full 3 out of 3 planets.

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Since GoMacro advocates for a plant-based lifestyle, all of their products, like the Protein Pleasure bar, are both organic and vegan. Each label denotes these certifications on the back of the wrapper, in a long line of logos that illustrate the sign of an environmentally friendly product. The brand promotes a sustainable lifestyle not only through their marketing but also through their actions, as all of their products are made with certified USDA organic and non-GMO project verified ingredients. Additionally, they source all of their chocolate from a fair trade certified family farm, which strives to secure better pay and treatment of workers and farmers, which is in line with Sustainable Development Goal eight, which discusses “decent work for all.” Aside from the chocolate used in the Protein Pleasure bar, the other ingredients are sourced from local farms, ensuring that their suppliers’ standards align with the company’s mission to provide a product that is comprised of sustainable ingredients.

How it's made:


All of GoMacro’s protein bars and products are manufactured in the United States in Viola, Wisconsin. This local production skirts the additional emissions that come with importing goods made abroad. Furthermore, GoMacro is transparent in their endeavors as they note on their website that they only source “sustainably grown ingredients” and are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. The company goes so far as to publicly display the farmers and suppliers that they source from on their website, which speaks to GoMacro’s belief in the power of transparency with their consumers. A solid portion of their website is dedicated to discussing their commitment to sustainability and the importance of sourcing ingredients in a way that is not only responsible but cognizant of future generation’s needs.

Who makes it:


GoMacro diverges from other popular granola bar brands in that it was started by a mother daughter duo who wanted to start a brand that encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle. GoMacro was started in 2004 and has only gained traction from there, as they started by selling their bars in local co-ops in Wisconsin and have spread their reach to grocers across the country. While their popularity has increased, the accessibility of their products still remains cloudy. A 12-pack of the Protein Pleasure bars rings in at just under $35 per pack, making the product expensive for a granola bar and therefore not the most economical option for most consumers. This price premium is thus an important consideration to take into account when discussing the sustainability of the product since there may be a lower willingness to pay on the consumer end, even with the knowledge that the ingredients are certified organic. However, I do think it’s important to note that GoMacro is a Sustainable Food Trade Association partner and a Carbonfree partner, which demonstrates their efforts to producing sustainable products all the while lowering their carbon footprint.