Goldrick Handmade Artisan Marbled Beeswax Candles

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Sarah Kern
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The average candle that you might find at a home goods store contains paraffin, which is extremely bad for the environment. Goldrick’s Handmade Artisan Beeswax Candles are made out of 100% pure beeswax, disrupting the candle market that is filthy with residue from petroleum. Instead of lighting a candle that emits matter into the air that you’re breathing, beeswax candles will actually improve the air quality in your home. There is no better way to set the mood than with a sustainable candle. Check out the Goldrick Beeswax candles for a wonderful alternative that will certainly brighten your day!

What it's made of:


These marbled beeswax candles are made of 100% pure beeswax and cotton wicks. Different shades of the wax are mixed together to create a beautiful marbled effect. The variation in color that produces the marbled effect is a result of beeswax that comes from different places all over the world and is produced in different conditions. Beeswax is the most sustainable wax, as compared to harmful paraffin usually used in candles. Paraffin is made from petroleum, the by-product of the production of gasoline. It is horrible for the environment and is most likely toxic for humans to inhale the particulate matter that is released into the air when the candles are burned. Beeswax, on the other hand, has a plethora of benefits that paraffin candles do not. Not only do beeswax candles burn longer, but they actually pull toxins from the air as their negative ions bind with toxins and remove them from the air. After being burned, the extra beeswax can also be composted or even used as a furniture lubricant. The one downfall of these candles is that they are made using cotton wicks as compared to wooden wicks. However, the cotton is 100% pure which is best for the environment as compared to normal cotton which can contain traces of lead. Furthermore, the Package Free website asserts that Goldrick wicks are 100% compostable and textile-recycling recyclable. This reduces the end-of-life impacts of the candle. It is important to note that beeswax is a controversial topic. Since it is a byproduct of bees, it cannot be considered vegan. However, beeswax can be respectfully collected from hives and is considered ethical as long as the bees are treated well. Since Goldrick is a small family-owned company, their beeswax is either sourced from their local beekeeper down the road or is outsourced from certified beekeepers. Eileen, the owner of Goldrick, and her husband work hard to ensure that they are using ethical beeswax and that they produce the most environmentally friendly candles with the smallest footprint possible.

How it's made:


According to the website, these candles are made by hand mixing and kneading beeswax of various tones to create the marbled candles. I emailed the company for further information, and they replied right away! The message explained that Goldrick chooses to use handmake and knead each individual candle at their workshop in Germany. Mass-produced candles are made using energy and heat-intensive processes so that large amounts of wax can be melted in huge vats. However, since their candles are not mass-produced but rather hand-kneaded in small batches to create the marbled effect, their emissions are far less than that of huge candle factories. They do not need to heat the wax to a liquid state, but rather combine the different types of wax to create their candles. Goldrick sources their beeswax from ethical beekeepers all over the world. Although this involves shipping to get the wax to Germany, this is necessary to ensure that they are receiving wax from carefully selected, ethical sources. Goldrick ships their products all over the world but are proud that their wrapping materials are 100% plastic-free, opting for paper wrapping and paper tape. Goldrick also assures that their shipping materials are 100% recyclable, making it easy for any consumer to reuse the box or dispose of in their home recycling. 

Who makes it:


The Goldrick company is extremely open about what their candles are made of, how they are made, and how their product is sustainable. This is extremely helpful in guiding people to make an educated decision about purchasing their beeswax candles. Transparency is one of the issues that most products and brands fail to provide for their customers, so I was pleasantly surprised to see all of this information provided on the website. Most notably, the company website explains that the workshop integrates people with disabilities in the production of beeswax candles to enable them to participate in the workplace. The company wants to provide disabled people the opportunity to create something that they are proud of and gain some independence. I think that this is a wonderful initiative and something that I haven’t seen in any of the other companies that I have reviewed thus far. Not only are they using practices that are better for the environment, but they are trying to involve people in the process who are generally left out of “normal life” so that they can have an opportunity to do work that makes them feel good and more useful than they are usually treated like they are. They clearly care about elevating their workers and community to a standard of inclusion and equitability. Goldrick is concerned about sustainability as well as social equality, which is something that I admire about the company.