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Kendall Foley
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GoGo squeeZ applesauce is popular because of its health and convenience, but I was wary of its sustainability given that the product is individually packaged in plastic pouches. I was happy to find that despite my worries about the packaging, GoGo squeeZ has made tangible progress in reducing their plastic waste and holds sustainability as a core value. GoGo squeeZ overall seems to make efforts to be sustainable in farming and manufacturing but is often vague in the regulations they implement and goals they set. 

What it's made of:


GoGo squeeZ states that they source their fruit from “evolved farms and orchards that use the best ecological practices to grow and harvest fruits”, but fail to specify beyond the U.S. as where exactly their ingredients are sourced. All GoGo squeeZ fruit products are made with USDA certified organic ingredients and are verified by the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating and protecting a non-GMO food supply.

The GoGo squeeZ inner packaging is made of polyethylene, a BPA free plastic, and the outer packaging is made of responsibly sourced 100% recycled paper. The “helicopter cap” uses less plastic than the typical pouch cap and GoGo sqeeZ has recently redesigned the cap to use 40% less plastic than before. GoGo squeeZ is on track to remove 400 tons of plastic from their packaging in 2021 and plans on having fully recyclable packaging on the market by 2022. GoGo squeeZ joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and partners with TerraCycle to upcycle their pouches into play equipment, bags, pencil cases, and more.

How it's made:


GoGo squeeZ seems makes it easy for the consumer to understand how their products are made of by featuring a “How We’re Made” section on their website, however within this section GoGo squeeZ provides rather vague explanations of their production process.

The GoGo squeeZ website provides a cute, but substantially lacking infographic that basically says the fruit is picked, washed and peeled, then sent through a tube and into the packaging. GoGo squeeZ’s French parent company Materne states their sustainability initiatives and goals on their website, which follow a higher standard than food production in the United States. Materne limits its ecological impact with their own biological treatment plants which reduced the water needed to process fruit by half and 75% of their waste is biodegradable. Despite sustainability being a clear value, Materne makes it unclear if these same standards are held to their U.S. manufacturing processes at GoGo squeeZ. 

Who makes it:


Much like the ingredients, packaging, and production process, its difficult to find any specific information on GoGo squeeZ’s labor practices. The parent company of Materne, MOM Group, uses the DuPont Sustainable Solutions method to train their employees in safety. MOM Group also offers an optional “Quality of Life at Work” program support their employee well-being. For their suppliers, MOM Group implemented their Responsible Purchasing Charter, ensuring impartial and fair selection of suppliers in return for the supplier’s commitment to ethical labor and environmental practices. While this is all promising to hear, MOM Group makes it unclear if these regulations and commitments apply to GoGo squeeZ, as most MOM Group’s companies are based in Europe, with only GoGo squeeZ being produced in the U.S. .