Glowbiotics Calming Restorative Treatment

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Chloe Cho
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As a whole, the product offers many antioxidant and probiotic benefits for skincare needs. However, with a product at such a high price, it could include recyclable materials in their packaging or disclosure more about their process somewhere within their website. It would be also be interesting to see a guide on the types of probiotics they use in different products. They mainly lost planets in their scoring from the use of non-recyclable plastic and clarity over some of their ingredient descriptions.

What it's made of:


Like the Probiotic Hydraglow Cream Oil, the Calming Restorative Treatment is composed of various ingredients that are included to improve skin comfort. However, the product description could include better details about what type of probiotics are used in the product’s formulation. Despite the full ingredient listing, it can be a bit vague about what probiotics are used when it is used as a general term in the key ingredient listing which are the most important ingredients to consumers. Like with their other key ingredients, the probiotics that are included in the formulation could be listed within the key ingredient description to provide more details. Although the product is composed primarily of plastic, the pop-out lid was an interesting concept. Considering a recyclable plastic option would be more environmentally-friendly for post-consumer use.

How it's made:


Other than the product packaging material composition and how packaging production is outsourced, it is not entirely clear how the product is made to create the formulation. Including more information about the production process in general for their formulations may also help provide insight about their choices in the packaging and whether they are choosing sustainable material options considering the high price point.

Who makes it:


Glowbiotics outsources much of their packaging from China and other countries. It is not very clear about their production process and whether the outsourced production facilities are following ethical labor standards and conditions to produce their products. While they are making tradeoffs in using non-recyclable plastic and outsourcing production, they are working towards a great goal in advocating for mental health care in their mission and objective.