Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm

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Macy Patel
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The reason I chose to review this product was because both my roommate and I swear by this balm! We use this balm all the time and I take it almost everywhere. I was very interested to look into the sustainability of this product. Sadly, I am pretty skeptical of the brand. One of the founders of the company in an interview bluntly said “it’s not impacting the environment” when asked about environmental impact. Based off what I have learned about this product, this statement is ignorant and sadly false. Not only is it very very difficult to have no environmental impact, but there are many different things within the production of their products that are damaging to the environment. When asked about sustainability, the founders responded with “sustainability is a very tricky question,” which I think is a very suspect response. Overall, this company is extremely vague with their environmental impact and sustainability and there is a lack of information about very important aspects that consumers are interested in knowing about. There is a great need for more transparency with this company.

What it's made of:


Some ingredients in the lip balm are sugar, a blend of apricot, black currant seed, and grape seed oils, vitamin e, which sounds great, but then it goes downhill. I will spare you all from hearing the full list of crazy ingredients, but to name a few the lip balm contains Bis-Diglycerycl Polyacyladipayte-2, Ethylene, Polybutene, and fragrance. Many of these chemicals and compounds are made in refineries and factories. The three most abundant ingredients in the balm are grape seed oil, tocopherol, and propyl gallate. The company also uses 17% post consumer recycled glass and other recycled cardboard and liners for packaging.

How it's made:


The lab the products are made in is High Quality Environmental certified and their main manufacturing facilities are powered with renewable energy. Between 2014 and 2018, the company claims to have reduced their transportation carbon footprint by 75%. Other than this information, there is virtually nothing about how the company actually makes their products, which is very disappointing and more information is necessary.

Who makes it:


The creator of the company claims to source products from many different growers, but mostly details where their natural products come from, without addressing all of the artificial and chemical products and where those are sourced. Their products are sourced from all over the world, which is an interesting aspect. The company is also immigrant owned and established. Other than this minimal information, there is no direct information about farms, packaging facilities, labor conditions, etcetera. This vital information that Fresh must be more open about as it impacts many consumer decisions.