Frank Original Coffee Scrub

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Josephine Collier
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Although the company strives to be cruelty-free and humane, we can’t know for sure if they actually practice this because there are no statements or evidence that they actually practice what they preach. It’s great to see that ingredients are locally sourced and not harmful to the environment. It’s also amazing to see that they are vegan and cruelty-free. With this said, that is where their transparency ends and the mystery of what the company actually practices behind closed doors. We need to know where their materials come from, how they process them, and how they treat their employees. 

What it's made of:


Frank Original Coffee Scrub consists of some ingredients, mainly robusta coffee grinds, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and sea salt. The Frank website claims that all of their ingredients are naturally derived, have no parabens, and no fillers, which is great news since parabens are known to cause imbalances in hormones and cause harm to our coral reefs. Their ingredients are sourced locally, but that’s the extent of information on where their ingredients come from, stated on their website. Their main ingredients are very natural and are basic substances that we may typically use in our lives. These ingredients are promising, but seeing where they come from may instill more confidence in their sustainability.

How it's made:


Frank Body is a vegan and cruelty-free company, their products are not tested on animals and are not sourced from animals. However, they do not mention any of their manufacturing processes, which is suspect. They may have naturally sourced ingredients, but what use is that when we don’t know how their products are processed and what efforts the company makes to reduce their carbon footprint or how their manufacturing process may be sustainable. I would love to see more transparency in their manufacturing process, otherwise, I doubt their manufacturing is sustainable.

Who makes it:


Unfortunately, the Frank Body website does not include any statements on how they treat their employees or missions to better the work environment for their employees. Furthermore, I couldn’t find any employee reviews on reliable websites, such as It’s concerning to see that there is no evidence of the employee experience at Frank Body.