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Anushka Sah
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Y claims that their kombucha is made from natural and certified organic ingredients. As a brand, Y kombucha is emphasizing and promoting healthy eating habits, ethical consumption, and environmental responsibility of products.

Y kombucha definitely scores 2 planets in terms of natural and organic raw material procurement. But the raw material alone doesn’t determine the sustainability of a product. The missing information about processing, packaging, and workforce conditions are of paramount importance to measure the overall sustainability of Y kombucha.

What it's made of:


The ingredients in Framboise Inspiration Raspberry Y Kombucha are filtered water, kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic raspberry, organic sencha tea, organic hibiscus. It’s good to see and know that the ingredients are organic in nature. There are no added flavors and no preservatives in Y kombucha.

Although the source of raw material procurement is not mentioned on the website, Y kombucha is certified by Aliments préparés au Québec Bio. The products certified by Aliments du Quebec certification are “made from ingredients sourced in Québec or composed of a minimum of 85 % of main ingredients from Québec”. Also, “the processing and packaging activities must be done in Québec”. Hence, it is safe to say that the ingredients used in Framboise Inspiration Raspberry Y Kombucha are organic and procured locally.

Y kombucha is also certified by Ecocert and the Organic Federation of Canada. Ecocert is “an independent and impartial certification body assessing the conformity of a product, service or system with environmental and social requirements specified in a standard”. The Organic Federation of Canada is “a national organization which represents the organic sector to the federal government on matters of regulation of the industry.” Like many other green certifications in the market, it is difficult to say if Ecocert and the Organic Federation of Canada certifications are 100% trustworthy or not. As the market for green certifications is growing rapidly, products are trying to be more visible in the green/sustainable space. This race of quantity (number of certified products) is compromising the quality of these certifications.

Overall, the ingredients in Y kombucha are organic and local. As we don’t have any information about the kombucha culture used to prepare Y kombucha, it deserves a 2.5 planet.

How it's made:


There are no details about the processing, fermentation, brewing, and bottling/packaging of Y kombucha. But as the ingredients are locally procured it can be safe to assume that in terms of transportation it is comparatively environment friendly. It is really important for products to disclose the manufacturing, packaging, and other processes in the supply chain in order to analyze the sustainability and carbon footprint. Hence, 0.75 planets.

Who makes it:


Founded in 2018, Y kombucha is a Quebec, Canada based company. There is no information and data on workforce conditions, employees, or worker benefits. Hence, a 0 planet as the sustainability of a product depends upon social factors too.

In order to get a higher rating (planet) and improve the product visibility in green space, Y kombucha needs to include the workforce composition and information on their website. In addition to this, Y needs to provide the source of its ingredients and be transparent about the supply chain.