Forever 21 - Seamless Lettuce-Edge Cropped Cami

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Sadie Chavez
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Forever 21 is a very common brand for any generation of people as it is affordable and variable. They have many style choices and many of which can fit several body types. Although they do not have as much information as preferred for the sustainability of their products, they do seem to have a well written agreement to ensure both factory and supply chain workers are well treated. They need to incorporate more recyclable, biodegradable, or eco friendly materials in general into their products. They also need to provide some detail as to how they package the products themselves.

What it's made of:


This is a white tank top made of 94% nylon and 6% spandex. On the ‘social responsibility’ page, Forever 21 mentions that they develop apparel collections with sustainable materials. However, they do not specify which collection nor how many are made of those materials. For this product specifically, there is no specification of where the nylon or spandex is from, and it is not labeled to be made from recycled materials. For products in general, they have a Fur-Free policy, which they have had since 2004, which declares that they will not be using real fur in their products. They state they have worked with PETA to meet cruelty free guidelines. They also agreed to the cotton pledge which states that they will not supply their cotton from Uzbekistan. They do not provide details on how they accommodate these agreements.

How it's made:


Forever 21 does not explain on their website exactly how the products are made. They provide little to no information about the shipment and packaging process. They mention that their shipment boxes are recycled daily at their distribution centers. Although this is a great habit, it should be a default behavior from corporations. As for the shipment, they state that most of their product transportation is through sea rather than air which is admirable. It would be very helpful however if they provided more information on the packaging and making of the products itself.

Who makes it:


Forever 21 provides the most information on the workers' treatment. They have developed a comprehensive agreement with their vendors to ensure that the factory workers are in a safe and healthy environment. Through the agreement, the vendors promise to provide fair wages and provide an environment that follows legal standards. No mention of what the wages are or what legal standards are. The agreement prohibits human trafficking and the use of slave labor. To ensure these agreements are upheld by the vendors, they have highly trained auditors to conduct inspections of the non-US vendor manufacturing facilities randomly. This does bring to question what is done with the US vendor facilities, but no detail. After each inspection, the auditors write an evaluation report that includes corrections of what the facilities can do. As for the supply chains, they state that they regularly have in-house inspectors that visit different chains to make sure their is no human trafficking and the workplace is safe. They do not give specific examples of what is done at each inspection or what the criteria is. They also do not mention how often the random inspections are.