Face Theory Clarifying Cleanser

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Ria Shome
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The overall rating here is 3 planets. Honestly, this company and product seem to be extremely beneficial for managing skin health, taking into account the environment, and affordability. A number of previous testimonials claim that this product, along with the whole brand itself, is one to swear by! Many reviews from 2020 discuss how environmentally conscious these products are, especially because this company is vegan. This product has extremely high ratings due to its effectiveness. Although there is a lengthy list of ingredients, many of them are at a low dose in this cleanser. It is unclear where some of the ingredients are extracted from, but a number of factors about the product (including its packaging) make it eco-friendly to a great extent. They are very open on their website about this product’s reviews and ethics. They are committed to the environment above many other things, but it is important to look into where some of these ingredients come from and how much of an effort Facetheory strives to make toward other sustainable development goals.

        The clarifying cleanser and many other products are sold internationally, and there is a fully functioning website to check out their products. Ingredients and other helpful information are listed very clearly for each and every product, making it easy to have simple questions answered. This is rated so highly because the product is only $15.99 USD. This is very affordable for a product that is able to last for months at a time. Because they sell online and in a number of stores across the US, such as Ulta or CVS, it is quite accessible for individuals who are very interested in finding a skincare product that helps acne-prone or blemish-prone skin.

What it's made of:


There are a number of different acids and ingredients in this cleansing product. There is glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid made to help penetrate the pores in our skin deep. There are many active ingredients. Many of the ingredients come from oils such as avocado oil or coconut acids. Some are also found in almonds (prunus kernel oil). In the scented version of this product there is a citrus peel oil at a very small dose. The reason this product is rated so highly is because it is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and PEGs. No animal ingredients are ever used once again because this is an entirely vegan product and brand. They also don’t use dyes to color this product, which is super because it is considerate of the environment and our own body’s health. Lastly, there are no sulfates in this product, which might help prevent irritation dryness of the skin after using this product. They seem considerate of keeping skin health and environmental health at the top of their agenda when being mindful of the ingredients they put into these products as they avoid many that are harmful for both skin and the environment. There are a number of suppliers that are carefully selected that the company get their ingredients from, but they aren’t readily available to consumers or on their website. This is something that I’d encourage looking more into because it is unclear how sustainable the providers of these ingredients or the supply chain really is.

How it's made:


The cleanser is made with a number of different ingredients that are scented and unscented. There are essential oils in the scented products (this one has either option depending on preference). The jars that this cleanser is sold in are made from glass, which is reusable for any reason after the product is used. Polyester products, air bags, and single-use plastics are not used (or being weeded out) when it comes to packaging. These products are made globally, cruelty-free, and completely vegan.

Who makes it:


Facetheory is a brand that is originally from and created in the UK (headquartered in Sheffield). This company is rather new as they have only started a few years ago, and they are growing to be one of the most successful skincare and makeup brands today. They seem to have a strong grasp on their audience as it reaches a variety of individuals with different skin types and people wanting to improve their skincare routines. This definitely gets hype because they are an entirely vegan brand.