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Tash Doole
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Over the last few years, sustainable beauty products have become increasingly popular. After seeing so many great reviews online, I invested in an Estrid razor at the start of 2021 in a bid to make my skincare regime more sustainable. The reusable razor has been fantastic and definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The products can be bought in a “starter kit” which gives you the reusable handle, two razor heads, as well as the reusable wall mount. This kit costs just £7.95, which I think is very reasonable. After the starter kit has been purchased, you sign up for a subscription service for the razor heads. You can select how often you want them to come (monthly, bimonthly, or every 3 months) and each pack contains 4 heads for £9.95. This may seem quite expensive, however, I have found that each head can easily last a month and still give a flawless shave. So, realistically, you may only need to purchase these 4 times a year. Although slightly more expensive than single-use plastic razors, the positive impacts that this product has on the environment, as well as the fact that you are supporting a company with an amazing set of values, means that I think this product is totally worth it. 

What it's made of:


The razor is formed of two main parts, the reusable handle made entirely of steel, and the razor head, which can be changed as often as you need to. Steel is an incredibly durable material and has the potential to last for years if well cared for. The loss of a planet from this section is attributed to the fact that the head is mainly made of plastic as well as the fact that they are packaged and sent with a plastic protective casing. Although plastic razor heads aren’t fantastic, some companies, such as Gillette (link down below), offer a razor head recycling service. The razor heads are separated into parts, re-moulded, and recycled to form different products such as picnic benches; this means they don’t have to go straight to landfill. The other packaging, such as bags and boxes used in shipping, however, is 100% recyclable meaning that overall there is very little waste. 

How it's made:


Estrid is slightly open about how their products are made, which I think is good, stating: “Our blades are manufactured in the U.S and our handles and wall mounts are designed in Sweden, and then manufactured in China”. They also go on to say that they carefully select partners for the manufacturing process to ensure that the best quality products are made for the consumers. A lot more information here would be good as currently there isn’t much available. There is no way of finding out which factories are used, how many people are employed, or what the working conditions are like within the manufacturing companies. Estrid has also taken care to ensure that all of its products are vegan. They have a strict no animal testing policy and all of the ingredients used in the razor head lubricating stripe are completely free of animal by-products, meaning anyone can use them. 

Who makes it:


Estrid is a revolutionary brand tackling a lot of the problems that matter to Gen Z right now. Their climate compensation policy means that when they ship products to you and do everything they can to offset any carbon emissions made during production and transportation. They have made this possible by partnering with Tricorona, a company that follows the UN-certified gold standard, to ensure better social responsibility and sustainable development. They work closely with Women for Women International, a charity that helps women impacted by war rebuild their lives. They also fight against the so-called “Pink Tax”, the broad tendency for all products marketed towards women to be more expensive than those aimed at men, by ensuring that all their products are priced fairly and aren’t marked up just because they’re pink. Estrid also encourages the idea that women shouldn’t have to fit into societal norms and that they shouldn’t have to remove their body hair if they don’t want to, a powerful message a lot of people want to see nowadays. The company’s ethos is fantastic and is promoting some very important messages, hence the high rating.