Emmy’s Organics Dark Cacao

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Ingrid Comella
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Emmy’s Organics is a brand that clearly cares about the health of their consumers and the wellbeing of their workers. Both of these are very important to me as a consumer, but the one issue I have is the lack of transparency in regards to the sustainability of their supply chain and ingredients. I couldn’t find even the most basic information, such as where their ingredients come from. For this reason I am giving Emmy’s Organics 1.5/3 earths. However, they also earned this many earths for the treatment of their workers and for being a B Corp which does ensure some level of company-wide sustainability. Nonetheless, I am still a little skeptical about the sustainability of their ingredients and the packaging on all of their products. One of the co-founders states in an interview that being environmentally conscious is who they are as a company and as people, but I wonder how true this statement actually is, especially as they still utilize plastic packaging (rather than a biodegradable alternative).

What it's made of:


This product is certified gluten free, grain free, verified nonGMO, USDA organic, vegan, and kosher. The short ingredients list includes coconut, agave syrup, cocoa powder, almond flour, coconut oil, almond flour, vanilla extract, and salt. The cocoa powder is the only ingredient that is fair trade. I found it very difficult to find information specific to Emmy’s supply chain. I’m not sure where any of the ingredients in the dark cacao cookie are sourced from and for that reason I am only awarding this product one earth for the category.

Emmy’s products are shipped with biodegradable green cell foam, rather than styrofoam packing peanuts. This packing material can be dissolved into water and safely rinsed down the drain. I think it’s great that a biodegradable packing material, but I wonder if Emmy’s products even need to be shipped in a protective foam. Nothing that they currently sell is made in a breakable container (like glass), but I understand if they want to insulate their products to discourage negative impacts from heat such as melting.

The main reason I’m not giving Emmy’s 2 earths here is because they are not transparent at all in regards to their supply chain.

How it's made:


Emmy’s products are made in a facility in Ithaca, NY that is powered via solar and wind (yay!). Other than this, I couldn’t find much information regarding the sustainability of how this product is made.

Who makes it:


Emmy’s Organics products are made by workers who are paid livable wages (currently $15.37 an hour)! Nearly half of their workers are Burmese refugees. Emmy’s Organics is a certified B Corporation, which essentially means they meet environmental and social wellbeing standards as well as are transparent and accountable for their actions as a company. I really like seeing when a product I’m interested in is from a Certified B Corp because I automatically know that they are acting environmentally and socially sustainable and are kept accountable by a third party. It’s clear to me that Emmy’s Organics is a socially sustainable brand that cares a lot about their workers.