Ella's Kitchen "Pears Pears Pears"

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Devin Carver
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Ella’s Kitchen is a UK-based company that focuses on the youngest generation as they make healthy and yummy foods for babies and toddlers. Their mission is centered around creating healthy relationships with food and our planet and they clearly display this eco-conscious behavior in their products and their messaging. Ella’s Kitchen is a progressive and relatively new company that is committed to providing food that will nourish the current and future generations. Through my research of the company’s practices and values, I would definitively recommend this product and other products Ella’s Kitchen produces, happily introducing it to any and all individuals I know with small children.

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Each product that Ella’s Kitchen produces is ethically and sustainably sourced. The company has set specific standards to communicate with their suppliers in order to ensure that the ingredients they are sourcing are aligned with the company’s mission and values. These standards, the Good to Each Other Standards, were introduced for their banana, mango, and vanilla suppliers in 2019 and as of 2020, all of their suppliers have followed suit. Ella’s Kitchen is also dedicated to cutting palm oil from all of their products, using only high quality and sustainable ingredients for their products like the Pears Pears Pears pouch which contains 100% organic pears and a dash of lemon juice concentrate for flavor. In regards to the organic ingredients that make up their products, Ella’s Kitchen is committed to helping the organic farmers in their supply chain by identifying any areas where they can support these farmers’ efforts to enhance their sustainable farming practices.

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It’s largely well known that plastic packaging has a harmful impact on the environment, as lots of it ends up in landfills and oceans never breaking down. Ella’s Kitchen recognized this dilemma and strove to do better, which is why they 1. package their products with minimal plastic and 2. started a recycling program strictly for baby food products called “EllaCycle.” The program has been a success in the UK and Ireland and has led the company to push itself to do even better, resulting in a goal that 100% of their packaging will be recyclable by 2024. To achieve these lofty goals, they have partnered with collaborative working groups to share ideas, failures, and successes, thus highlighting Ella’s Kitchen’s belief in the power of transparency and teamwork in combating climate change. Additionally, in assessing the best packaging options for their products and increasing the recyclability of their products, Ella’s Kitchen conducts life cycle assessments on their packaging and products to fully understand the Pears Pears Pears product’s carbon footprint.

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Ella’s Kitchen prides themselves on their simple products that contain organic and real fruits and vegetables, but I think they also should take pride in their dedication to making the world “a better place.” This goal is tied up in the company’s mission to create strong, positive relationships between children and food, which is also wrapped up in sustainability. The B Corporation certification signals that Ella’s Kitchen is part of a network of small businesses that are striving towards reducing their emissions, increasing their transparency and accountability, and ultimately striving towards establishing a balance between “purpose and profit”—the slogan of the B Corporation global community. In addition to being a B Corporation certified company, Ella’s Kitchen partners with Action Against Hunger and is committed to donating products, like the Pears Pears Pears pouches, to children in need across the globe in hopes of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Number Two of “Zero Hunger.” Action Against Hunger is only one of the several charitable organizations that the company partners with and some of the other organizations include Trees For Life and World Land Trust. These goals are all highlighted on their website, demonstrating their promise to being a transparent company. This is further exemplified by the fact that the company includes a social and environmental impact report on their website for all consumers to dive into and read in order to understand more about Ella’s Kitchen’s mission and goals. Additionally, Ella’s Kitchen started a campaign called “Our BIG Pledge to Little People” which highlights their goals of becoming a Net-Zero company by 2030 and reducing their emissions to align with the three scopes of emission standards as outlined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a means of protecting the planet for future generations.