EcoTools - Precision Blush Brush

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Chloe Cho
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While EcoTools’ bristles are one of its major tradeoffs, using synthetic fibers allows them to avoid using animal hairs for their products.  They also have an admirable mission and provide sustainable bamboo brush options compared to plastic brushes.  As such, while the bristles are unsustainable, its brush is one of the better alternatives to plastic makeup brushes on the market since it incorporates various recyclable materials.


  • The makeup brush is a more sustainable option compared to other makeup brushes since it uses bamboo rather than plastic and incorporates various recyclable materials.


  • It is still unclear whether the synthetic bristles are recyclable on their website and could do more to inform the consumer on how to recycle the brush after its worn down (separating the bristles from the brush or throwing the entire brush into the recycling bin).

What it's made of:


EcoTools’ Precision Blush makeup brush is made up of taklon bristles, renewable bamboo handles, and recycled aluminum.  Their brushes are PETA-certified through their use of synthetic fibers.  Both their bamboo handles and recycled aluminum can be recycled; however, their synthetic fibers are not as sustainable.  Synthetic fibers are non-biodegradable despite being cruelty-free.

How it's made:


Other than the materials used to create the brush, there is very limited information on how the brush itself is made.  It would be great if there were a more in-depth product description about where the brushes were made and the manufacturing processes.

Who makes it:


EcoTools is the brand behind the Precision Blush Brush.  Their main mission is to provide cruelty-free brushes that are environmentally friendly using recycled materials.  Most of their products are made from recyclable materials and their packaging is also from 100% tree-free paper through cotton and bamboo fibers.  They also dedicated to supporting women empowerment and collaborates with Glamour magazine’s The Girl Project to support girls education globally.  EcoTools has a strong mission and have mostly sustainable products, but the only tradeoff is the use of synthetic bristles in their brushes which are non-biodegradable and must be disposed of rather than repurposed.