EcoTools Jade Roller Duo

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Jasmin Lopez
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Overall, EcoTools has a very unique product offering compared to most drug store make up brands. It is exciting reading a company can offer affordable brushes that are vegan and cruelty-free while being packaged in tree-less packaging. Additionally, it is even more exciting the product itself is all composed of naturally made materials, so consumers will not fell the lingering effects of cheap make up byproducts. All these facts, feel a bit too good to be true because the company is very ambiguous of how or where it even runs. However EcoTools spending the time to earn all these certifications, demonstrates they have the potential to be a leading innovator in the cosmetics industry. However, down the line, its lack of transparency will turn-off consumers as more players join the market and spend the time to provide the manufacturing information consumers are beginning to demand. All in all, I would recommend this product as a budget friendly alternative to more luxurious rollers.

What it's made of:


EcoTool’s Jade Roller duo is composed of 100% jade and renewable bamboo as the base. No direct information is listed about where or how it was sourced, only that it came from Asian sources. It is packaged in tree-free paper which means it was instead produced with 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers, and is certified with The Plantable seed label which means it will grow into wildflowers! The product is also certified to be 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Having all these certifcations, makes it quite a novelty compared to other drug store brands.

How it's made:


This Jade Roller duo has various, powerful sustainability certificates that make it stand out compared to other brands. It is apparent they are very deliberate about their design decisions, yet there is no explicit production information of how or where they are manufacturing this product. On their website they only list Asia as their material source, and claim to adhere to fair labor standards including child labor restrictions, fair wages, and overtime compensation. After digging a bit deeper, I discovered EcoTool products are being manufactured by a plant in China called Huizhou Carrie Industrial Co., Ltd. It was challenging to learn more about this plant because it only offers generic product information and offerings. Additionally, the website neglects to list any of the same certification and standards EcoTools does, so it leaves one wondering how legit the brands's claims are.

Who makes it:


Ecotools is known for being THAT affordable, eco-friendly brand at retail stores. Not only does it sells rollers like these, but they also specialize in make-up and self care application tools. Reading through their About Me page, their story is very much centered around certifications and the goal to be completely plastic-free. This notion of plastic free is exciting, but the ambiguity of their product sourcing makes me hesitant about the legitmacy of this claim. Additonally, they don’t provide much background information about their company’s history nor founding, so it is difficult to trust their plans for the future. Consumer perception towards their brand is wide ranging. Their diverse product line have in-store ratings that range from mediocre to complete 5 star. Meanwhile, this specific product falls within the median since it only has 3.5 stars. The company appears to be mission driven, but doesn't provide enough information of their motives to make one believe it.