EcoRoots Safety Razor

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Srinidhi Sridharan
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EcoRoots is a brand centered around reducing plastic waste through reusable, plastic-free products and packaging. The Safety Razor is a solid product for being reusable and plastic-free - you would just have to replace the blades which are inexpensive. A razor that is reusable and still hygienic is a great staple for anyone’s bathroom. However, as an environmentally conscious brand, more information about their packaging and factories is important.

What it's made of:


EcoRoots emphasizes that their razor is plastic-free to avoid contributing to plastic waste. The Safety Razor is made from zinc alloy and stainless steel. Zinc tends to be a sustainable resource since it is easily recyclable and can be beneficial to crops in the environment as well as human health. However, zinc production is rising and too much zinc is detrimental to the environment. The process of mining zinc ores and refining them is less sustainable since it requires energy and can produce unwanted byproducts such as sulfur dioxide. Considering the effects of production overall, zinc alloy is shown to cause less environmental impact than some other metals such as aluminum alloy.

Stainless steel is generally an iron-based alloy. It is not biodegradable but like zinc, it can be recycled without losing quality. Its production process generally uses fossil fuels but can be made more sustainable depending on the materials and methods used. For example, using recycled water and stainless steel scraps decreases the amount of carbon dioxide emissions greatly.

Given how the environmental impacts associated with metals are mostly due to their production processes, some more information about how EcoRoots produces or obtains their materials would be cool to know!

How it's made:


True to their plastic-free mission, EcoRoots states that their packaging is made from compostable and recyclable cardboard and paper. Paper tends to be preferable to plastic since it’s more biodegradable, and plastic comes from non-renewable resources such as petroleum. However, it is unclear if their packaging is made from recycled materials too. If the packaging is recycled paper and cardboard then the energy and emissions are cut greatly.

Who makes it:


EcoRoots aims to deter consumers from buying single-use plastics, by informing them about the environmental impacts and offering plastic-free alternatives. This is a great mission to focus on, given how plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns plaguing our planet. Sources have determined that the world produces over 380 million tons of plastic each year - much of which pollutes our oceans and kills marine life. EcoRoots also annually donates 1% of their proceeds to sustainability initiatives such as Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit that works to protect the oceans through policy reform. Something fun I also noticed on their website is that they have a regularly updated blog, with articles featuring products and explaining how they can help to minimize waste.