Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Coconut Organic Hand and Body Lotion

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Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh
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The quality of the ingredients and the transparency is truly impressive. It is amazing that their packaging is 100 percent recycled plastic and they are giving their best in reducing the wastes produced by the company. They are using organic sources, helping small scale farmers, employing regenerative farming practices, using post-consumer recycled corrugate for shipping boxes and reusing their shipping boxes. The transparency of the company and their sustainable practices are truly appreciable. They are one of the best skin care brands and are sustainable.

What it's made of:


The ingredients list is impressive as it includes organic ingredients and there are just eleven ingredients in the soap. It is mainly made of organic ingredients and it is scented using the natural lavender oil. This is a huge plus for all who are interested in clean beauty ingredients. The ingredients used are certified fair trade ingredients which means that they meet the economic, social, and environmental criteria defined by the Fairtrade Standards. There are no synthetic ingredients like parfum used. The ingredients are certified by the USDA organic which ensures that the ingredients used are the same quality as the organic food. This is impressive as ingredients used on the skin are important. The ingredients are sourced from fair trade and organic projects from world over. Although a lot of small-scale farmers are benefited from this, I believe that since the ingredients are sourced globally, it might increase the carbon footprint of the products. The company could benefit from using local sources. But it is amazing to see the transparency of all the oils used in the brand and their sources. The packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene (PET) plastic bottles and has been in use for more than ten years which is helpful in reducing wastes directed to landfills.

How it's made:


They are certified independent third party to meet the standards for ecological and social sustainability. They are certified by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic which promotes biological and social equitable architecture. The coconut oil used is certified by the Regenerative Organic Certification which promotes holistic agriculture with fair farming practices, pasture based animal welfare, and improved soil and land management. They are actively working towards making their other ingredients Regenerative Organic certified. The company is guided by the fair trade practices which includes payment of fair wages to farmers, safe working conditions, living wages to all employees, training for organic farming practices to the farmers, encouraging crop diversity and reduction of dependence on pesticides. The company encourages the use of regenerative organic agriculture which ensures that the health of the soils are maintained.

Who makes it:


The company is certified by Fair for Life which verifies that ethical working conditions are followed, and fair prices are followed through their entire supply chain. This is important as it points towards the social sustainability goals of the company. It is a certified B Corp which ensures that the company meets the standards of social and environmental performance. The company has employed progressive business practices which includes all employees receiving equal benefits, coverage for childcare up to $5000 and complete health premium. The company is actively involved in using solar panels, reducing water use by partnering with water filtration innovators to clean and reuse their water, and using waste sorting stations to reduce waste to landfill in their manufacturing sites. It is amazing to see that the company is open and transparent about the environmental footprint. I am keen to see the company making progress in using renewable sources of energy. For a higher rating, I would like to see more information on the extent of their renewable energy use.


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