Dental Lace: Zero Waste Refillable Silk Floss

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Sadie Chavez
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With the help of her husband, Founder, Jodie produced an eco-friendly floss in a reusable glass container that can help people stray from the common plastic made floss. With a variety of options, some for looser teeth and weaker material such as silk, and others for tighter teeth made of PLA, they have a sustainable handful of options for different people. They’re product and packaging is made 100% of compostable material as Jodie created this company with the intention of being eco friendly and zero waste. Although their website does lack some information that would be helpful to know, based on the tone of the website you can tell that they created this company to make a difference. Although a perfect system may be difficult and hard to believe, you can tell that they try and are still in the process of perfecting their system.

What it's made of:


They produce their dental floss with different materials of choice. This one is made of 100% silk from Italy. This silk floss is compostable in either a facility or at home. It should take 6-10 months to compost in a home bin. They mention for one of their vegan flosses made of polylactic acid (PLA), that there is research that it is compostable but they clarify that they have not tested it themselves. The integrity to point out their uncertainty can be appreciated. They state that all their flosses are biodegradable. The packaging is 100% compostable. Each floss comes in a reusable glass container with a 100% stainless steel cap, in a little green packaging. Extra rolls or refills are in a refill storage bag made of compostable PLA. The green packaging is made of 100% post-consumer paperboard. This material is a great packaging material as it has minimal energy and water consumption to be processed. They also ship the materials in 100% recyclable envelopes or boxes. Based on the choices they use as their materials and packaging, it can be noticed how conscious they are in sustainability with their products.

How it's made:


Unfortunately they do not specify how the products are made. Although they mention some of their materials come from Italy, they do not mention how many of their materials do and where the other materials come from. They provide in depth detail on the ingredients and material but not as much information on the process itself. As mentioned previously, as a small business I can understand if they don’t provide that information because they did not see it as necessary, but it would still be great to include in their website. The lack of detail on this process somewhat takes away from their potentially ideal production. It is hard to tell without understanding more than the materials.

Who makes it:


The website does not specify too much about the people who make the floss other than the founder herself and her husband. But it does mention all the employees work in Maine. The tone of the site gives off the idea that it is a small enough company for which people can produce the floss in a small building and ship the product themselves. As this is a small company, I would understand if they had the assumption that they don’t need to have a full page for the treatment of workers. However, the writer on the ‘about us’ page mentions that Jodie, the founder, received a lot of help from her friends.