Daily SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen (Goddess Garden)

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Mariam Ziauddin
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As a happy owner of the Goddess Garden sunscreen brand, filled with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide rather than the list of harmful substances found in most sunscreen brands. I can say that this product does a great job in keeping my skin protected from the sun, nourished from its organic ingredients and comfortable with it's biodegradable formula and recyclable can. Regardless of the unknown amount of profits that go towards a non-profit ocean preservation company called Protect Your Mother, it's sustainability efforts in regard to how its made. The significant lack of information on who makes it insinuates me to believe that this company may not be practicing the best efforts to reduce carbon emissions or waste and the benefits of their employees. If Goddess Garden improved on their transparency on these topics, I would recommend them to be an 100% environmental friendly company.

What it's made of:


The Goddess Garden sunscreen has quite a few eye-catching phrases alongside its beautiful natural design. The words “Organic”, “Reef Safe”, “Certified B Corporation” and “Recyclable” were the primary incentives for my own purchase of this brand. Upon closer observation of the active ingredients sections I came across the words “Titanium Dioxide 8.0%” and “Zinc Oxide 5.0%” which was a relief for my eyes to see. Usually, everytime I see the “reef safe” label, I turn to look at the back, and a list of the most harmful ingredients sunscreen could have are on there. These dangerous substances are oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, homosalate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, PABA, parabens, triclosan, according to savethereef.org. The term “reef safe” is a phrase that is unregulated by the FDA and has zero certification to its name, which is why you will always find me with furrowed eyes and in optimum concentration when reading the ingredients of preventative sun care products. To give you a little context about how vital it is to use reef safe sunscreen, the toxic chemicals above are not only harmful to our health but the ocean. In the Garden Goddess sunscreen, you can see that it contains non-nano substances which keep the chemicals from the sunscreen from seeping into your pores and entering your bloodstream. In the ocean, these chemicals are active hormone disruptors and can carry carcinogens that can be inhaled by passersby or carried out during high tide. The sunscreen can accumulate in the tissue of juvenile coral, induce bleaching and eventually kill the coral. This halts the process of oxygen production and damage the biodiversity of the ocean according to oceanservice.noaa.gov. Along with its Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certification it is a great product for users with sensitive skin, the organic lavender essential oil, coconut and shea butter extracts are a perfect mix to nourish the skin. With these ingredients the company states that its sunscreen is biodegradable and completely organic, however the sources from where these organic substances come from are not specifically stated on the website. This made me ponder, as I am unaware of exactly where each ingredient is coming from, how far it has traveled across the world and who extracted it. However, I will be giving this section a higher sustainable grade due to their eco-conscious efforts.

How it's made:


The Goddess Garden facility is located in Boulder, Colorado and is marketed as being “Made in the USA”. Upon full inspection of the website that is all that could be said about how and where it’s made. Besides that fact that the ingredients are organic. This points out a particular concern about the lack of information on how its made is a key detail into a potentially harmful production process. This could mean that the process to create these products could have significant production in carbon emissions since it is unclear about how it is made. Taking all of this into account, I will be giving this section of sustainability a lower score.

Who makes it:


The founders of the company are Nova Covington and Paul Halter who are parents with children who are unable to use common sun-care products because of the harmful chemicals in it as well as being allergic to certain ingredients in sunscreen. Their inspiration for the sustainable attributes to their products stems from their childhood, growing up in rural Oregon where nature thrives, this sparkled the environmentalist perspective and later on career. From the website the only information given about who makes the products and how it's transported is that it is “Made in the USA '' This lack of information on who the cultivators are is concerning on my end since there are so many factors that we as consumers are unaware of. For example, where are the natural products grown, what type of farm land and practice are being used, how are the ingredients being transported and processed as well as how does all that work and benefits of selling get back to the employees. This is concerning because any brand that could be significantly more sustainable in this regard, would publicize their sources and benefits for workers that help them succeed. However, I will rate this section a higher score, due to the lack off over-exploited and underpaid workers since the products are manufactured in the US which has proper regulations.