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This innovative new initiative is coming to the UCL campus as was announced at the start of the year. The goal of CLUBZERO is to foster a circular economy ,  but what exactly is this new scheme and how will it help students?

What it's made of:


So far clubzero has saved over 2.2 million single use plastic items, with 68 tonnes of co2 saved too. But what are these products made of if not plastic? CLUBZERO has cup and food containers which are made of high quality material and uses 50% less CO2 than disposable containers. The packaging itself is made of 100% recycled plastic which is fantastic and certainly highlights the company’s effort to establish a circular economy . A point of improvement for the company would be to dive deeper into the exact process of making their products, where production is based and how recycled plastic transforms into the finished product.Additionally, businesses can become CLUBZERO hosts, meaning they can utilise their reusable packaging for their customers. The startup works with businesses to make to-go products more sustainable, working towards the goal of being as close to zero-waste as possible.

How it's made:


On campus, over 1 million disposable cups are thrown away each year, ultimately ending up in landfill , taking hundreds of years to fully decompose. In fact eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year , a contributor being small disposable food and drink packaging. So what can be done about it? That’s where CLUBZERO comes in. Using the app allows you to borrow a reusable cup when ordering your morning coffee, simply by quoting “Please can I have a latte in a CLUBZERO cup”. You can grab a cup from Wilkins Café, Student Centre Cafe, Brew Bar, 22 Gordon Street,Science Library Café, and Engineering Café on campus at UCL. Once you are finished, you can drop the cup off at their collection points or arrange for it to be picked up from the comfort of your own home. The scheme is still in the early stages so raising awareness on campus would be a great step in getting the word out as currently many students may not be aware. Additionally , the start up is mostly based in North London at present.

Who makes it:


What is great about CLUBZERO is that anyone can use it! However, it comes with added perks for students in my opinion. Of course , it saves you money off your drink which if you purchase them regularly really adds up and students need all the money saving tips possible! Additionally, it is a very accessible way of being sustainable. A large hindrance for many students to implement more sustainable actions in their lives is often the cost or perceived cost associated with it. Students seem to think that they need to completely get rid of plastic items they own or shop in expensive zero waste shops but this is simply not the case. CLUBZERO proves that often the small changes can be impactful and even free! Many students may not be able to pay for a reusable cup, despite knowing that it is better environmentally than disposable ones. For this reason, CLUBZERO is completely free if you return your cup within a week. What I found lacking on their website is any information about their employment or production process in general which was disappointing and definitely a source of improvement for the future.


What would be great in the future is to see the expansion of CLUBZERO beyond just London and to make it a staple across campuses in the UK. It is a fantastic scheme prioritising the concept of a circular economy which means you don't have to choose between waste and convenience.