Clear skin blemish-fighting mask by Tropic Skincare

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Summer Wyatt-Buchan
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The message of Tropic Skincare is clear: green skincare is innovation, and it is possible to buy beauty products with a clear conscience. This company puts the environment first and is vocal about their product sustainability. They provide clear information on the ingredients of their products and where the ingredients are sourced from. They are transparent on recyclability and the location of their production teams. They have partnered with organisations such as the World Land Trust and United World Schools to ensure that they are having a positive impact worldwide. In terms of sustainability, Tropic is doing the right things and should be admired for their transparency. It was difficult to give an overall rating for this product and company because I really wanted to give an overall rating of 3. However, without knowing the full picture in terms of who makes the products and the process in which this is done, it was not possible. Tropic Skincare contribute to incredible work alongside sustainable community companies across the world, primarily working in countries in South America and Africa. I felt as though this could not go unconsidered and must be reflected in terms of the overall rating. To gain a higher sustainability score Tropic Skincare need to introduce more information on how their products are made and the working conditions in which this is done.

What it's made of:


Tropic Skincare is an admirably transparent company and are impressively so when it comes to the ingredients in their products. This particular product contains ingredients such as probiotics, bamboo charcoal powder, natural essential oils, purified water, ginger root extract plus many more. These components are all critical to a sustainable approach whilst working in the skincare industry. Tropic knows how important it is that their suppliers adhere to sustainability guidelines in order for their ingredients to be responsibly sourced and have therefore partnered with organisations who give back their local communities. Tropic also provides top tips on how to recycle the packaging of this product and as a company they are 100% landfill free. The paper box it arrives in is printed upon sustainable paper and is carbon balanced by the World Land Trust (a rainforest conservation charity). It is printed with vegetable ink and widely recycled. Equally, the inner disc is widely recyclable too. The jar and lid are also recyclable, but it does depend on your local council. The guide goes as far to recommend rinsing all parts before recycling in order to reduce the risk of any environmental contamination. To gain a full 3 worlds in this section, Tropic could look at their jar and lids design to see if there are other materials that would be considered recyclable in all areas.

How it's made:


Unfortunately, Tropic provide little detail regarding how this product is made. It is however produced in the UK in their own “kitchen” in South London. The nature of the products, being made from naturally sourced ingredients, mean the products are made fresh every day. This is the primary reason Tropic skincare products including the CLEAR SKIN blemish-fighting mask are not stocked in your everyday store. The lack of available information on how this product is made in terms of factory conditions and processing methods is why the sustainability score for this section is low. In order to increase their rating, they could make this information accessible.

Who makes it:


Tropic provides little detail regarding who makes this product. It is, however, said to be made in Tropics own “kitchen”. All of Tropics products are made in the UK using sustainable sourced materials from all over the world. The products being produced in the UK is greatly important because the UK holds the primary consumer base and will therefore benefit from having the produce made in its nation state. This ensures the carbon footprint will be much smaller in terms of transportation than if the products had to be shipped in from out of state. Moreover, Tropic has been classed as carbon neutral for four years and double offset their emissions. This means that they remove twice the number of greenhouse gasses that they produce.


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