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Katie Huston
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While CeraVe moisturizing cream may be a good product for the skin and is recommended by dermatologists, CeraVe definitely does not take into account the environmental damage they are causing. On the bright side, CeraVe is the first brand to offer a line with scientifically identified essential ceramides. The CeraVe company worked in close contact with a group of dermatologists to develop their product and thus were able to identify cermaides in the skin and create something almost identical to it. It is also a very affordable skincare brand which is always nice. When compared to other skincare brands, CeraVe’s prices are much cheaper and their product lasts a good amount of time, so consumers are not having to buy it frequently. However, I was disappointed in this product and company because while they have been a thriving brand for some time, they have made no efforts to become sustainable in any way. Further, while they claimed to not test on animals, they are not cruelty free and neither is the parent company, which gives me doubts. If CeraVe is looking to become more sustainable, as they should definitely start to do, an easy fix would be to change their packaging materials into something that is recyclable and better for the environment. 

What it's made of:


Ingredients in CeraVe’s moisturizing cream include: water, glycerin, petrolatum, cetearyl alcohol, triglyceride, acetyl alcohol, etc. The two most important ingredients are hyaluronic acid and ceramics. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar naturally produced by the body. Ceramides are lipids that make up 50% of the skin barrier. The product is also fragrance free, which I definitely enjoy in a face product. Lastly, I was sad to read that the packaging of this product is made out of single-use plastic. While this skincare product definitely does not have the most environmentally friendly ingredients, it is better than a lot of other skincare brands. However, I do feel that with a little work CeraVe could create new packaging that is sustainable.

How it's made:


While CeraVe claims products are not tested on animals, this seems suspicious because their brand is not cruelty-free. However, L’Oreal, the company owning CeraVe, does claim they are creating new ways to test products that aren't on animals. Therefore, determining whether or not CeraVe is true to their word when it comes to animal testing is still up for debate. In terms of how the ingredients in CeraVe's moisturizer are made, the practices are not great. One ingredient, glycerin, is derived from vegetable oil and animal fats. Further, petrolatum, a main ingredient in the moisturizing cream, is made from petroleum and its extraction fuels climate change. It extracted by oil rigs and can be detrimental to the environment in the case of oil spills, etc.

Who makes it:


In 2005 a group of US researchers and dermatologists worked together to create the product. CeraVe is now owned by L’Oreal, a big and well known cosmetics company. On L’Oreal’s website they claim to have sustainable efforts such as improving the energy efficiency across all their facilities. This is good to hear, but also hard to believe when the brands they own are really not very sustainable. L’Oreal claims to want a world with no animal testing, yet they are not cruelty free and own brands that aren't as well. Further, L'Oreal states on their website that they are funding to help repair natural ecosystems which is good, yet when they support companies such as CeraVe that are using single-use plastic for their products, it is hard say they are a good company.