Burt’s Bees Renewable Intense Firming Serum

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Mikaela Terhune
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Serum products are generally costlier since they require active, light ingredients that are generally more expensive than thickeners. However, the product's application requires only a few drops, so the product should last months. The long shelf-life explains the multiple preservatives ingredients added to this product. The Intense Firming Serum by Burt’s Bees has very few ingredients and is sourced almost 100% by-products with a natural origin. Furthermore, the product packaging is limited, and about 50% of post-consumer recycled plastic reduces its carbon and environmental footprint. Burt’s Bees has shown their commitment to the environment by consciously sourcing their materials and ingredients. They acknowledge their room for growth by their many sustainable goals, some of which have already been achieved. The ingredients are almost all (about 98.6%) of natural origin, with trace amounts of synthetic chemicals that were only substituted if necessary.

What it's made of:


Ingredients: Water, helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil, glycerin, silica, bakuchiol, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol, lauryl glucoside, polyglyceryl-6 laurate, xanthan gum, myristyl glucoside, hydrolyzed f-fucoidan, citric acid, gellan gum, fragrance*, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, phenoxyethanol, geraniol, limonene, linalool (natural fragrance) The ingredients used in the Burt’s Bees Renewable Intense Firming Serum is 98.6% of natural origin. Most of the ingredients have a low ecotoxicology rating that reflects the nature and impact of the substance on the environment. All ingredients used are Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Sulfate-free, BPA-free, Talc-free, Cruelty-free. There are few ingredients used in this product, each with a natural origin and sensitive to the skin as well as the environment. You may not be aware of tocopherol but it is the most common form of vitamin E in beauty products as it is quickly absorbed by the skin. The preservatives, solvents, and fragrances added to this product are present in most food products and personal care products to prolong shelf life. These products are not problematic when used in small quantities and sources responsibly as they are in this Burt’s Bees serum.

How it's made:


The manufacturing process of serums is straightforward and even can be made at home simply by adding and mixing ingredients as desired. The main concern with this product is the large-scale production and distribution. On average, Burt’s Bees uses 52% of post-consumer recycled material in their plastic packaging. The packaging used is limited and reduced whenever possible, and the virgin materials they use are high-integrity substances that can be readily recycled to encourage a circular economy.

Who makes it:


Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby started Burt’s Bees in 1980, and the brand quickly gained traction. Their goals were to be low-impact and environmental, and socially conscious. Today these ideals are still seen in their company model. The ingredients they use are 95% natural and responsibly sourced, and they have strict rules against animal testing. Burt’s Bees is a member of the Global Shea Alliance, Responsible Mica Initiative, Natural Resources Stewardship Council, Sedex, and AIM-Progress. These organizations ensure that products are obtained and produced in a fair, sustainable, and responsible way that benefits all parties involved. Burt’s Bees is transparent about their practices providing information for each of their products on their website. Their company statement expresses their extensive efforts to limit their environmental impact and empower the communities they source.


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