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Anne McElyea
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Boyish Jeans sets the standard for sustainable transparency, customer importance, and corporate social responsibility. After writing this review, I couldn’t purchase these zero waste, carbon neutral jeans fast enough. I learned more about sustainable manufacturing on their website than I have in my entire environmental science major. Boyish Jeans as a company is genuine, honest, wholesome, and great for the planet. Rather than “transitioning” to sustainable materials or “setting goals” to reduce waste, Boyish is actively contributing to a healthy environment! This is very refreshing and exciting to see. On their website, they share that this product saves 561.3 days of drinking water, plants one tree, and saves 4.7 miles of emissions. When shopping for this product, next to the “add to cart” button, I found quickly accessible links to supply chain transparency, carbon impact, and fair working conditions. It was refreshing not having to hunt for answers, Boyish wants to share. 

What it's made of:


Boyish “Ziggy” Jeans are made from 17% organic cotton, 43% recycled cotton, and 40% RIFIBRA fibers. Their recycled cotton is certified by the GRS (global recycling standard), a cohesive set of standards for the processing of recycled materials. RIFIBRA technology recycles clothing scraps in production and recycles waste. These RIFIBRA fibers in the Ziggy jeans are next combined with TINCEL, a sustainable fashion fiber made from FSG certified (responsible forest certification) sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. Their organic cotton is certified by OCS, a certification organization that ensures properly organically grown materials. Organic cotton is a sustainable alternative to other fibers because it produces far less microfibers into water systems when washed! Boyish sought to eliminate water contamination from beginning to end of their product lifecycle, starting with all raw materials grown on land free from pesticide use, a popular water contaminant. The Ziggy jeans are dyed with organic plant-based dyes and indigo dye from a sustainable dye company Dystar, a sulfate free dye company certified by Oeko-Tex, a standard that ensures products are manufactured without toxins, dyes, and pollutants.

How it's made:


Boyish Jeans, specifically the Ziggy jean, are certified by Oeko-Tex, and their production is extremely environmental science based, promoting ecological safety. On top of this, the Ziggy jeans (and all Boyish products) are PETA certified cruelty free and vegan. Boyish has also designed ethical and sustainable industrial washing. For instance, they use natural enzymes in cold water (reduces waste and natural resources), laser machine finishing (reduces energy), and water vapor for a distressed style rather than chemicals. Further, in production they do not use pumice stones (the mining of this resource has high carbon emission and energy use), and they use a natural enzyme called Nearchimica instead of Potassium permanganate to achieve a vintage look! Boyish incorporates circularity at every single corner of the product design process- they use recycled labels, metals, paper, cuttings, and shipping bags during production. 

Boyish also has an active role in their suppliers, farms, and factories- they pay frequent in person visits to these locations to ensure that they are upholding company morals. Furthermore, they have also partnered with a third party environmental auditing company, Intertek, to make sure they are aligning with ethical production. Boyish jeans holds suppliers accountable by making them sign a detailed code of conduct (linked here) against child labor, racial discrimination, harassment, work hours, benefits, environmental impact, and more. They also joined the “Lowest Wage Challenge,” a global program that holds companies accountable to pay their workers (mostly women) livable and equitable wages. 

Who makes it:


Boyish Jeans founder Jordan Nodarse began his journey in sustainable fashion at Reformation, and found himself eager to make change in the denim industry. Nodarse claims he wants to “steer the ship” to make denim more sustainable, and this philosophy is crystal clear in Boyish morals. While Boyish Jeans’ sustainable production is top of the line, they still participate in the fashion market, whose quick moving trends lead to swift environmental degradation and landfill overflow. Boyish approaches this problem by manufacturing jeans styles that are timeless, long lasting, and recyclable. Their website and company morals are focused on product design circularity- they even recommend Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough on their website. In an effort to push the rest of the fashion world carbon neutral, Boyish purchases carbon offsets from Carbon Fund. They also contribute to dam free hydropower in Himachal Pradesh, India which produces 3MW hydropower and reduces 165,000 tons of CO2 within its first 10 years. 

In addition, Boyish does company-wide tree planting, weeding, environmental clean-up, protest marching, plant restoration, and shelter volunteering all over the California area. They also donate a percentage of profits to organizations that “share their core values” such as Solar Sister, Keep a Breast, and Friends of LA River. Overall, Boyish Jeans sets the standard for corporate social responsibility, sustainable fashion, and environmental morality. 

Still have questions? 
Here’s Boyish Jeans’ exhaustively thorough (as it should be) sustainability and impact report: