Biossance 100% Squalane Oil

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Melanie Namkung
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Biossance is a sustainable skincare brand that is owned by Amyris, a company that believes the crossover of science and beauty can generate clean products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. 100% Squalane Oil contains a single ingredient: Squalane oil. This ingredient is ethically sourced from sugarcane, an alternative to the Squalane sourced from shark liver. The brand has many valid certifications that confirm sustainable practices are carried out in their laboratories. However, they do not provide specific information on the production process and fail to address whether ethical labor practices are in place. In general, Biossance does have credible certifications and they are very active in their strides towards achieving the highest possible levels of sustainability.

What it's made of:


This product contains one ingredient: Squalane oil. Squalane is a highly popular ingredient in skincare products due to its anti-aging benefits. It is often confused with Squalene, but Squalene hydrogenated becomes Squalane. Sharks have become a major target due to the Squalene that is abundant in shark liver. However, the Squalane used in this product is sourced from sugarcane. No sharks are harmed, and in fact, the company claims that “2 million sharks are saved each year” due to their vegan alternative of Squalane. The product is vegan certified, allowing customers to identify that the Squalane is plant-derived. The bottle is all recyclable and the carton that the product comes packaged in is made from renewable sugarcane paper.

How it's made:


All products are formulated in a laboratory that is Green Lab certified (gold standard), meaning that the laboratories at Biossance implement 60% or more of the best sustainable practices recommended by the Green Lab. The Green Lab certification has been deemed credible by many official organizations. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) standard -one that “ensures the best practices in sustainable biomaterials”- is upheld in their Brazil facility. The RSB standards are made up of 12 principles that cover legality, labor rights, food security, social development, management of waste, and effects on the environment. The RSB also focuses on addressing environmental and social issues that may arise from the products created with biomaterials. Because the facility is located in Brazil, carbon emissions are produced through the shipping of products. Aware of this fact, the brand offsets their carbon emissions by “planting trees and funding restoration efforts.” But, there is hardly any information about the production process other than the location of its facility and the RSB standards they adhere to. Transparency about the production process would increase the credibility of this brand even more. 

Who makes it:


Biossance is a skincare brand owned by Amyris. Amyris is a biotech company that supports sustainability and believes that biotechnology can be used to create clean beauty products. Biossance has partnered with many international organizations such as Oceana and Black Lives Matter in order to spread more light on all types of prevalent issues occurring in society. The brand is conscious about its environmental impacts and clearly addresses improvements that still need to be made. Most of the time parent companies that are not eco-friendly will create sustainable brands to attract customers, but these so-called sustainable brands are often not what they seem. However, Biossance and Amyris really do appear to care about the environment and they do not hesitate to provide information regarding their current actions to be an environmentally-conscious brand.