Be Gentle, Be Kind avocado + kiwi mega moisture superfood mask (Briogeo)

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Mariam Ziauddin
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As a regular user of the Briogeo super food mask I was surprised to realize the lack of transparency about how each product is made as well as who makes it. This company does a magnificent job at using natural ingredients, and having beautiful results for all hair types. When I used it, I personally feel in love with how moisturized, soft and silky my hair felt! However, after a deep dive on their website the amount of questions that popped into my head about where each ingredient is coming from and who extracts, processes and sells these products pushes me to belief that they are not as environmentally-friendly they claim to be. This lack of information about where each ingredient comes from is a big deterrent for me since the shipping cost can be very environmentally degrading in terms of CO2 production and exploitative labor. Another reason I concluded with doubts about this company towards the end of my research is because they have very little information available in regards to where any of their resources come from! Because of the lack of information I will be giving this product 1 planet. They could expand more on where the ingredients comes from as well as how well there employees are compensated!

What it's made of:


This products key selling point is right in its name. The presence of avocado oil, kiwi extract and spinach as super foods right on the label is the reason it attracted me to sample it! This company makes the absence of harsh chemical use a focus point for their natural food masks and skin care. Their slogan “6-free hair care” preaches the lack of harsh sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, DEA and artificial dyes which are all harmful to healthy hair. Briogeo claims to be cruelty-free, vegan and gluten free which supports their naturally derived ingredients which makes up 97% of this product. There is zero information from where the natural ingredients are sourced from which could have been anywhere in the world! This means that there can be a high CO2 production in the process of extracting and shipping the natural ingredients which is harmful for the planet. However, since tower products are naturally derived I will be giving this section a higher rating.

How it's made:


From there website the only information on how each product is made is that it is made to be vegan, is not tested on animals from there cruelty-free certification and that it is free from harmful synthetic chemicals. There is no information on where the ingredients come from or how it was extracted. This is a big red flag to me since it shows that they may not be practicing sustainable farming or sourcing. Usually companies take pride through environmentally friendly practices and promote the use of fair labor, but the lack of information on there website about how each product is made as opposed to what's in it is suspicious. Therefore I will be giving this section a lower score on sustainability.

Who makes it:


Just as the above section there is not much on who makes each of these products, except for the fact that Nancy Twine is the founder! Briogeo only focuses on the naturally derived ingredients for each of its products, not at all about who assembles each product, where it is extracted from and how its employees are benefiting from their profit. However, they do have a section just for reviews of the products which shows that their focus is about the best results for every type of hair! Just as the last section, this is a bad sign since this company could be exploiting workers, using unsustainable practices even if their products are known to be clean and “green”. This lack of information is the reason I will be giving this products a lower rating.