Bare Banana Chips

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Savannah Jimenez
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Bare Baked Banana Chips is a great snack if you're looking for something healthy and convenient. This product started at farmer's markets but is now sold at major retail stores like Target, Amazon, and Whole Foods. Unfortunately, the sustainability of this product is questionable especially after being bought by Pepsi Co. This is not a product I will continue buying especially since baking banana chips seems like a fairly easy process that I could do at home.

What it's made of:


Nowadays, many packaged products consist of a bunch of ingredients and additives making it difficult to understand what is actually in them. The great thing about Bare banana chips is that the only ingredient is bananas. There is no sugar, oil or preservatives added. Bananas are high in fiber, potassium, and magnesium making this the perfect snack to sustain a healthy diet. In general bananas have a low water footprint compared to animal-derived ingredients. It only takes about 95 gallons of water to produce a pound of bananas whereas a pound of beef would take about 1,847 gallons. Their aluminum packaging is one of the least admirable aspects of what their product is made of. Aluminum foil is hard to recycle and takes about 400 years to decompose.

How it's made:


The bananas they use are sourced, baked, and packaged in Thailand meaning that the product must travel a long way before getting to the United States and likely requires a good amount of energy to do so. The aluminum packaging they use for their products is also energy-intensive. 170 million British Thermal Units are required to produce a ton of aluminum which is equivalent to 1,4000 gallons of gasoline. Bare provides very little information about what their manufacturing processes look like hence the .2 rating.

Who makes it:


Eric Strandberg started Bare Foods in 2001 selling organic apples from his family farm in Washington. His company became more successful as he began offering other healthy snacks like baked fruit chips. In 2018, Pepsi Co. bought this company for about $200 million. The CEO of Bare Foods claims that PepsiCo will help them grow their brand and bring their snacks to more consumers around the world. This is true in the sense that Pepsi Co. is a large corporation and has the resources to do so. But we must take into account that Pepsi Co. has a reputation for countless environmental violations and labor law violations. The Bare Foods website does not mention their employees once and lacks transparency regarding their worker policies and conditions.