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Katie Huston
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Bare values simplicity, which I find very important because they are not adding in artificial flavoring that can carry a lot of chemicals with it. I enjoy this product because I know exactly what I am eating because it is made of basically one ingredient. The company also claims to support local community and environmental organizations, yet as I tried to find what these organizations were and how they were supporting them, I did not find much. While the company does a good job at providing its ingredients, it is not transparent about the other aspects that go into making the products and therefore did not get as good of a rating as they could have. Further, bare was taken over by PepsiCo, which on their website highlights that they are moving towards sustainable practices and have goals to reduce emissions, yet they are not proving that they are doing so. For example, in 2019 it was estimated that 137,000 metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste was created by PepsiCo. Because bare was okay with a company such as this one taking it over made me feel less inclined to give them a higher rating.

What it's made of:


All of bare’s products are non- GMO. Bare prides themselves on using only real ingredients. For instance, their apple chips are made up of one ingredient being apples. Only a few of their products have other ingredients added such as cinnamon or some extra sugar to add more flavoring. The packaging of bare products is a foil bag. The company uses foil in order to add extra strength and durability to make sure the product does not go bad or lose its crunch. While I definitely enjoy the snack itself and feel it is very sustainable, the packaging is what held me back from giving bare apple chips a higher rating.

How it's made:


The apples are picked locally, then baked and packed in Washington. They are baked in special ovens that caramelize the natural sugars on the outside. There was no information on these “special ovens” and thus I found it hard to rate in that aspect. The packaging, as stated earlier, is made of aluminum foil. Therefore, in order to make aluminum, the material must be extracted from the ground and then smelted. Further, the mining of bauxite, which is the raw material in aluminum, takes a lot of energy. Lastly, the process of baking and packing these snacks, although not stated on the website, is most likely in a factory releasing lots of harmful emissions.

Who makes it:


Bare started on a family farm in Washington. As they grew they moved to start supporting local shops and markets. Eventually, they were able to expand their company and bare Apple Chips can now be bought across the country. However, the process of the apples being baked and packed still occurs in Washington State, near where the apples are grown. Bare’s headquarters are located in San Francisco. As they expanded, in 2018 bare got taken over by PepsiCo. PepsiCo is a big corporation that owns a lot of food and beverage companies. It creates a lot of waste and is not a very environmentally friendly company, when it tries to convince you of the opposite. Further, on the bare website I could not find a whole lot of information on working conditions, workers benefits, or worker equality and therefore I was forced to give this product and company a lower score in this department. Lastly, there was no information on the companies relationship with the farmers.