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Ella Campbell
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Banana Moon is a personalised clothing company which grew from a family’s spare room to a fully fledged business aiming to be a standard-bearer for the personalised clothing market in quality and ethos. While not every item sold on their site is ‘sustainably’ produced, Banana Moon is making a conscious and active effort to make their manufacturing processes less impactful and make these more sustainable options available to the consumer. This is aided by the key on their website which is applied to each available product and allows the consumer to make their own, informed purchasing decision with an awareness of the options available to them and the efforts made by the manufacturer to make those choices more climate conscious. 


Their website is filled with clear and accessible information, explaining the ins and outs of their more sustainable processes so that consumers themselves can make informed and empowered decisions. While all the information on their practises comes directly from them, the sheer amount of scientific but understandable information they offer about their materials and practises gives credibility to their claims, as do their wider actions as a company. Banana Moon set up the ‘Spring Greens’ recycling scheme, offering a £5 voucher off of orders over £20 for customers who posted pictures of themselves recycling their old clothes. This campaign does not provide a direct profit to Banana Moon, but it does incentivise their customers to make more conscious and sustainable choices with their old apparel, aligning with the company’s interest and commitment to sustainability. 


Banana Moon is committed to sustainability in three key ways by promoting their eco-friendly range as a researched and sustainable alternative to other personalised clothing companies, finding new ways to lower the impact created by their work, and crucially by remaining transparent and educational on their personal impact and how they are looking to change.

What it's made of:


In their eco-friendly range BananaMoon takes care to source their materials as sustainably as possible, a fact which is clearly advertised on their website. In their ‘sustainability’ section they explain the various materials they use, along with clear and informative descriptions explaining how these materials can neutralise the impact they are having on the planet. They use post consumer recycled polyester made of yarn sourced from melted down recycled plastics in an effort to make manufacture more circular and reduce the energy it would take to make virgin polyester. Where possible they use organic or regenerated cotton sourced from factory cotton waste as regenerating cotton waste is a completely dry process, which saves water.  In addition, their implementation of manual colour separation saves energy and prevents toxic material production as there is no need to redye. 

They are currently using POLYNEON threads by Madeira, which are OEKO TEX standard certified meaning they have been tested and approved for high product safety and a lack of harmful substances. However, BananaMoon is always looking for ways to make the most sustainable choice for manufacture and are currently transitioning to recycled polyester threads.

How it's made:


BananaMoon makes a lot of effort to make sustainable choices in their manufacturing process and are on a continuous mission to improve those choices in a gradual and practical way. 

For printing their personalised garments they use Kornit down to garment printing which is a more sustainable alternative to other DTG (direct to garment)  printing methods given that it is waterless and does not require that the garments be washed down. They use non hazardous and biodegradable inks free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates to limit the unnecessary use of harmful chemicals. Given that they often have to complete personalised orders in bulk they use screen printing for maximum efficiency. They use water based ZodiacAquarius ink - a sustainable alternative to printing inks - as much as possible to limit their impact until they can transition to a more sustainable practice which suits their demands. Likewise, they are making efforts to use OEKO TEX and VEGANOK (the certification for ethically produced vegan products) approved vinyls as much as they can and will increase this practice as the materials become available. While their practises may, by nature, generate an impact, BananaMoon are transparent about this and clear on their intentions and efforts to improve the sustainability of more harmful practises. 

Their packaging is also climate conscious as items are delivered in recycled cardboard boxes packed with recycled paper tape and any additional notes or thank you cards are written in vegetable ink on recycled cards. Each order comes with an eco-friendly garment guide, reflecting the company’s genuine commitment to transparency and change. They directly place the information in the hands of the consumer to help them to lower the personal impact of the product.

Who makes it:


Banana Moon started up as a small, craft based business based in a spare room at home in the early nineties. It has since grown up and out of the house, moving into a set of office units, but their small team which prints and produces all of their designs allows them to maintain control of the quality of product and manufacture. Having a small, centralised team, who are all pictured on their website, supports their goals of sustainability and integrity because they can say with certainty how their products are being made, by who and by what standards. However, while the size and centrality of their team reflects well on the implementation of these sustainable practises, there is a lack of information on their website regarding wages, working conditions and the number of workers on each scope. By leaving this information off their website they are not painting a wholly transparent picture of their supply chain and including this information could improve their rating in this area.