Atelier Cologne Perfume: Pomélo Paradis

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Elly Yang
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Pomélo Paradis is a unisex perfume with a fruity and fresh scent. It has 3 sizes: $80 for 30ml, $140 for 100 ml, and $235 for 200ml. I came across Atelier Cologne when my friends and I were recently watching a Korean romance comedy called ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’. Before we check it out from our shopping cart, I want to do a quick research on its sustainability. I feel it really compelling to buy Atelier Cologne perfumes after doing this research as I see its effort on sustainability. One thing that I find the brand might improve on might be eco-conscious packaging, which it has not touched on much, especially after I reviewed the HITO perfume from WA:IT that has very minimal and natural packaging.

What it's made of:


It seems to me that Atelier Cologne is quite confident and transparent with their ingredients by denoting the % of natural original notes in each scent. What surprises me is that the bottles have screw top pumps that can be refilled, so they are not only recyclable but also reusable.

How it's made:


In an interview story with the brand’s cofounder, I find that during manufacturing, Atelier Cologne products do not add synthetic stabilizers and colourants, which are chemicals commonly found in fragrances. Even though it means that the color of the perfume might darken over time, I like Atelier Cologne’s choice of not using unnecessary synthetic chemicals to cover this change.

Who makes it:


Atelier Cologne was founded in Paris, and the perfumes are crafted with two ancestral perfumer families from Grasse. The fact that the products are locally manufactured makes me increase Atelier Cologne sustainability credentials.