Aromatica Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil

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Chloe Cho
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I think that while it isn’t clarified where exactly the products are manufactured or how they are overseen, Aromatica is one of the better clean beauty alternatives to consider for a natural oil cleanser.  They also mention in their website the lack of synthetic ingredients drove prices up for products when Kim was originally introducing natural ingredients to beauty companies which may reflect the product’s higher price point compared to other facial oil cleansers.  Overall, they also do well to outline their sustainability initiatives and product ingredient formulation and certifications in their website which is why they earned two planets.  


  • The oil cleanser is a more sustainable option considering the ingredients are EWG-verified, the brand has a strong sustainability- and clean-beauty-driven mission, and the actual ingredient list is relatively short compared to a lot of other cleansers.


  • While they are working towards being more sustainable and improving their processes, they could possibly provide more transparency on how the product is made as well as possible create oil cleanser refills instead of buying a whole new bottle like how they offer refills for their hair care products.

What it's made of:


In the product description, the cleanser itself is made up of twelve ingredients which indicates a more natural product formulation compared to other cosmetic products.  Based on their website’s product description, the coconut cleanser is composed of 10% organic ingredients and 96.7% natural ingredients.  They are also EWG verified so all their ingredients are safe for cosmetic use and are free of chemicals.  Running through the ingredients in the database, almost all of their ingredients are safe for cosmetic use except for two ingredients (orange peel and lemon oil) that have are known allergens, but there is limited data.  However, these two ingredients are the last ingredients listed in the product description order, which means in traditional cosmetic formulation, they compose of the lowest amounts within the overall product formulation.  Their product packaging is also 100% recyclable PCR plastic which is made from existing PET and other plastic.

How it's made:


The product description does not indicate where exactly it is made; however, the website indicates the ingredients they use in their products are from organically certified partners as well as offering technical support and training.  They also share they are aiming to help develop their “energy-saving smart” factories in order to reduce the amount of power and increase energy recycling in their supply chain process.  While Aromatica doesn’t state where exactly it produces their products, it has admirable sustainability goals in supply chain process, initiatives, and sustainability commitments.  Therefore, only one planet is deducted since it is clear they are one of the more environmentally informed companies producing beauty products.

Who makes it:


Aromatica is a clean beauty care brand from Korea and was started in 2004 by Jerry Kim who was inspired to create safe, trustworthy beauty care products after learning more about how synthetic ingredients were drying out his scalp.  He was also an initiator for introducing cosmetic ingredient safety campaigns by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in Korea.  Aromatic is also the first Korean brand to receive a U.S. EWG Verified certification, a partner in the Vegan Society, and is Eco-certified through their selection of natural and organic ingredients.

The company does well in promoting sustainability initiatives for creating safe, vegan, and natural products with their partnerships and sustainability initiatives.  Although the specific manufacturers are not known, it is clear they are more aware of their supply chain process and environmental impact compared to beauty care companies.