Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn

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Eva Fenningdorf
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While it’s great to see a successful woman-led start-up brand, this product has room for necessary improvement. It is very commendable that the company has sustainability initiatives regarding waste created during manufacturing, the packaging that this product comes in dramatically reduces the overall sustainability of this product. Even though there are only three ingredients and the farming practices exclude GMOs, the non-recyclable packaging reduces the score of what this product is made of and consequently their overall score. Hopefully, this brand will find a way to distribute their products in packaging that can be recycled, and thereby gain the support of sustainability-minded people.

What it's made of:


For the popcorn ingredients, there are only three which are popcorn, sunflower oil, and sea salt. They explain that their product is both non-GMO verified and vegan, which contributes to their sustainability in this category. While this is admirable, the brand does use plastic packaging for their product which drastically takes away from their score. They include a how2recycle program label on the bag which explains that the bag cannot be recycled because it is multilayered, meaning this bag will end up in a landfill. The brand is a founding member of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, but clearly does not place an importance on recyclable packaging for their products. Their involvement in this organization seems like a deflection from making a real change in their practices. This institute has many high profile members from the food industry but doesn’t seem to be making substantial, meaningful decisions regarding packaging.

How it's made:


Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn is a product under the umbrella of Conagra Brands which has sustainability measures in place regarding their manufacturing process. Conagra Brands has made real progress towards sustainability and have many initiatives that help reduce the environmental impact from their products like this one. For example, they explain that more than 79% of solid waste generated from their facilities is diverted to beneficial use like recycling, food donations, animal feed, or energy generation and kept out of the landfill. While this does mean that around 20% of waste generated goes towards a landfill, the company’s transparency and their waste reduction is commendable.

Who makes it:


Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP founder explains that there are 280 employees, they have two production facilities, and partner with many other organizations to produce their products. This product is made in the US and one production facility is located in Minnesota and another is located in Nevada. Since Angie’s falls under Conagra Brands, they adhere to the same employment standards and explain their workplace is inclusive. It’s also important to note that the founder and CEO of this company is a woman entrepreneur who created a successful business from a small-scale idea. A way that Angie’s could increase their score in this category is by being more transparent about who makes their products because this information is only provided by local news websites.

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