Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Salt and Malt Bar

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Deepa Kaur Bajwa
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It is very evident that lot of thought and effort went into these products. I would not hesitate purchasing their products one bit. Some of the certifications listed seemed superficial, but they were also some credible ones, so overall Alter Eco is making great strides in sustainability. There are some improvements they could make but they seem to be more technical. They have impact reports which most companies do not provide, but they are not as thorough as they could be. They are very transparent about their work, but I think they should consolidate all of their information into the sustainability report.

What it's made of:


All of the ingredients are items we could easily find in our own pantries.

Being USDA organic certified means that their farms prohibit chemicals and pesticides. The USDA organic certification has a lot of requirements, but organic agriculture can sometimes be more harmful than conventional agriculture. Organic pesticides can be more toxic than the synthetic ones used in ordinary farming.

They use compostable packaging which is notable because sometimes sustainable products do not use environmentally-friendly packaging.

How it's made:


They are fsc-certified which means that they “meet the highest environmental and social standards.” This means that they are being responsible and sustainable whilst using forests to harvest the resources they need.

They are fair trade certified which means that their workers are paid fairly and work in safe working conditions. This certification is pretty reliable in comparison to others.

Their products are carbon neutral which means that CO2 emissions by a carbon offset project. I personally think that offset projects are a good first step in sustainability, but companies should work on decreasing the CO2 emissions they use in the process of manufacturing their products.

Most companies do not provide information about what foreign countries they work with, but Alter Eco conducts business with Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.  

Who makes it:


This company is B Corp Certified which measures a company’s social and environmental performance, but it also has certain transparency and accountable requirements. B corp certification is credible because it is one of the highest standards of verified performance. B Corp company (determined by an outside corporation) that works hard toward inclusivity, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Their motto is “activism through food,” and that comes through in various aspects of this company. They promote social entrepreneurialism, so all of their ingredients are sourced from farmer-owned coops practicing sustainable agriculture.

They take an active stance against climate change whether it be economically or socially. There are a lot of credible sources that have written good reviews/reports on this company.