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Katie Teshima
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As much as I try to avoid eye contact with the sweets isle during my grocery shopping, I can’t help but stroll by and admire (and sometimes taste test) the growing number of fair trade options that have emerged over the recent years. I also appreciate a good pun, so Alter Eco was a must try. I first took note of the many third party certifications that Alter Eco has - USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Fair Trade Certified Ingredients, B Corporation, Forest Stewardship Council, and Carbon Neutral. Holy moly! These certifications cover a range of Alter Eco’s operations that ensure no prohibited pesticides were used while growing the ingredients, the packaging was responsibly sourced from a sustainably managed forest, supply chain laborers were paid fair wages and they have offset carbon emissions of the business’ operations. Though these certifications show a significant investment by Alter Eco in the social and environmental impact of their products, controversies over poor enforcement and greenwashing are prevalent within the certification bodies. The minimal, simple ingredients make it easy to understand what’s inside and there is outstanding transparency around where in the world those ingredients come from and who are the people that are growing them. 100% of the products are sourced directly from small-scale farmers through partnerships with local cooperatives. I appreciate how they added farmer profiles to help personalize the experience. I very much recommend Alter Eco chocolate for your sweet fix and feel good knowing my indulgence is being invested back in people and the planet.

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“Gone4Good” Packaging: first compostable stand-up pouch made from renewable, plant-based non GMO materials, truffles wrapped in compostable wrappers and minimal ingredients and website explains what they are. where they come from and the nutritional benefits. Ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk, organic butterfat Certifications: USDA Organic, GF, Fair Trade Certified Ingredients, B Corp, FSC, Carbon Neutral “No artificial flavors, no emulsifiers, non gmo, no soy”

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- Cacao sourced from Juanjui, Peru in coordination with Acopagro Cooperative: - Cacao sources from Guayaqiul, Ecuador in coordination with UNOCACE Co-Op - Coconut oil sources from Kerala, India in coordination with Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK) - Coconut flakes sourced from Gampaha, Sri Lanka in coordination with Sangamaya Group - Overall support and partnership with regional fair trade organizations to source raw materials from who work with small scale farmers; personalize the supply chain with farmer profiles; - Fair trade: ensures sustainable production and living conditions, along with a premium to support the growth of the cooperatives and their communities - Include support for food security, biodiversity and gender equity - Rainforest regeneration and dynamic agroforestry (compared to traditional monoculture)

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- Impact Report! transparency with all packaging, working on addressing all waste aspects of supply chain - Purchase carbon offsets (tree planting and forest protection) - 1.3x the fair trade price paid to cocoa farmers - Offers 3 paid work days per year for employees to support a cause of their choice