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Matthew Sambor
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The R-Series Plez Phez surfboard by Almond Surfboards is a long lasting and recyclable option for those looking for eco friendly boards. At $499 it is also on the less expensive side, making responsible surfing more accessible for all. Almond Surfboards is an environmentally positive and quality driven company that is most certainly a bright light in the surfing community. The main critique of the product and company is that they need to provide more transparency to the consumers. There is not enough information available about their sourcing and the actual production of the boards. Before buying a product from Almond Surfboards I suggest that consumers reach out to the company with any questions regarding materials and sourcing. 

What it's made of:


The R-Series Plez Phez surfboard is made from closed-cell foam with a no-wax deck pad. Also included are Thermotech fins by Futures. Unfortunately, neither the Almond nor Futures website has exact information on what materials are being used for production. That said, the entire board and the fins are 100% recyclable. Ideally, Almond would disclose the type of closed-cell foam they used in the boards, as some are more sustainable than others, but the fact that it is recyclable and intended to be recycled is a positive. The company’s decision to use a deck that does not require wax is another plus. There are sustainable surf wax options but the majority of them use petroleum in their manufacturing process which ends up polluting the ocean as the wax decays off of the board. 

How it's made:


Almond’ boards are made in Costa Mesa, California by a team of five family and friends. There is no sourcing information available and no information on the actual creation process of the boards. On the plus side, Almond has made it clear that they create their boards with durability and longevity in mind whilst using recyclable materials. In the past, the company says that it creates its boards with the intention of them being passed down to younger generations or recycled when the time comes. I urge Almond Surfboards to release more details regarding their sourcing and production process.

Who makes it:


Almond Surfboards is a company dedicated to using recyclable materials and creating long lasting products. With the purchase of a recyclable board, Almond offers a recycling loyalty program that rewards its customers for recycling their boards at the end of their life cycle. This program involves sending old boards back to their supplier who break down the board to either use its materials in a new board or down-cycle the materials for use in a different product. The company is also dedicated to educating the surfing community on repairing boards and surfing accessories to lengthen the life cycle of surfing products. Almond Surfboards provides free videos, podcasts, and surfing tips newsletters on their website. After looking through what Almond has to offer it is clear that they have a mission to make surfing accessible and responsible.