Aircover Biodegradable Trash Bags

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Alexcia Anusevicius
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According to the website these trash bags are made of the newest pure PE material. Meaning it is still made out of polyethylene a.k.a plastic. When taking into consideration “how biodegradable a material is” we are asking about the rate of its degradation in its environment this depends upon both its chemical composition (what type of plastic) and where the material ends up at the end of its life. Many factors contribute to the environment in which materials may degrade such as fresh water or salt water, landfill site and location within a landfill, deep soil or top soil etc. Meaning, just because something is labelled as “biodegradable” does not mean it is safe for the environment nor is it automatically considered to be sustainable. Historically there has been confusion around the terms bio-based and biodegradable plastics; they are often incorrectly used interchangeably. While many bioplastics are more amenable to biodegradation, it is important to realize that plastics such as biopolyethylene are identical in chemical composition as polyethylene from petrochemical sources (regular plastic). The prefix “bio” relates only to the feedstock used to manufacture the material. As a result there is no difference in biodegradability between polyethylene and bio-polyethylene, however the latter is relatively carbon neutral, while the former is not. To sum everything up, yes this material will biodegrade but only under a specific environment and over the course of many many years just like regular plastic. Lastly, I find their eco-friendly claims on their websites to be misleading since biodegradable ≠ compostable.

What it's made of:


Aircover bags are made of polyethylene to make the bag durable and stretchy without breaking or tearing. It claims that it will degrade within 10-24 month in case of sun exposure but this is rarely the case in landfills and would most likely take more than 2 years to fully decompose.

How it's made:


Just like most products made from polyethylene, these trashbags are mass produced in a factory. Recently, there has been a drastic change in public perception of plastic in the environment and there is a clear desire for improved management of plastics at the end of their useful life. Made with ECM technology, Aircover claims that their trash bags will bio-degrade into water and carbon dioxide within a few years in the landfill.

Who makes it:


Aircover as a company have desires of providing their consumers with high quality products and claim that they take a strong stand against waste and pollution. They do their best to ensure that AirCover bags are manufactured with less plastic than conventional trash bags. Nonetheless, I appreciate their efforts to making environmental change even if they continue to manufacture plastic. The trade off is debatable since some people do continue to see trash bags as a household necessity.