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Asia Juarez
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They lack a lot of information, they do answer who, what, where, why. “Local production. We support our community and minimize our carbon footprint by working exclusively with fellow New York City businesses on all prototyping, production, and packaging.” This is an example of an answer that fulfills a question but does not go into depth. But it doesn’t go more in detail from there. All I know when I read is its from New York and they work with them everything of theirs with them. Theres a HUGE lack of transparency. If they are named as a sustainable business they should have explanations for each of their statements. They seem to focus more on the fashion glamor, which is fine but this ain’t a sustainable business vogue hyped it up to be. 

What it's made of:


With agmes, the production is made from sterling silver, whether it is recycled (as the company claims “Almost all of the metals used in our jewelry, accessories and objects are recycled”) or not is unknown. But I’ll consider both possibilities, since we do not know where they source their metals from, i have to assume it is out of state and the metal is not a 100% guarantee that is it recycled. Their use of almost all recycled means nothing to me because it could mean 2/10 of our earrings are recycled silver or 8/10 are recycled silver but they lack the information of the materials. Including the transportation of recycled silver, the location of their recycled metals is unclear, so that is also being taken into consideration with unknown recycled jewelry. Unsure if there is mining involved or purely recylced materials, but i’m going to assume both are being taken into consideration and therefore do not remain aligned with the sustainable values.

How it's made:


It is unclear who is their manufacturer. On their website their production is in New York, “working exclusively with fellow New York City businesses on all prototyping, production, and packaging.” Assuming that this statement is real due to the local new yorker sisters, and the location also being based in NYC. They also make the statement of “Handmade to order in New York City” to me this can either mean employees located in the facility make them as orders come in, or they are handmade by a third party group who receives pieces and makes them. They don’t have any link discussing who makes them so I’ll see them as employees who work in the agmes location that put them together. 

Who makes it:


Two sisters, Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon, from New york are the founders of AGMES. They started this in memory of their friend who has passed, they write that the business holds sustainable, ethical and moral values.Because of the lack of information as to what makes them truly sustainable other than being local to New York, theres nothing to rate, the words are field with air.