“Gen z’s cause a shift to a sustainable economy”

Yes, it can happen
(doesn’t it have to?)

informed Gen Z’s demanding

is our theory of change

Sustainability is
*so corporate*

Supply Chains, Transportation, Energy, Wages, Waste, Monopolies, Ingredients, Packaging, Marketing

No way around it. Their choices determine the future of our planet. How do we influence them to choose better?

Our Mission

build a global community of educated sustainability analysts

lead a dialogue with companies about change

let consumers see what they’re buying

Our Vision

Rating 100,000’s of products

Guiding 100,000,000’s of consumers

Influencing 10,000’s of corporations

Voiz was founded by Diego and Yvonne Espinosa and victoria trujillo onodera

diego and yvonne were two social entrepreneurs with careers in education, impact, tech, consulting and wall st.

it hit them: if we want a sustainable planet, we can’t ask young people to *wait their turn.* they need to take a seat at the table today. voiz was a belief when it launched in june, 2020. immediately the first cohort of thirty college students stepped up to join and make it a reality.

originally looking to expand to high school gen z’s, they connected with vickie, a career teacher, culturally responsive education coach and fellow systems thinker. it quickly became clear that her innovative approaches to both education and inclusion would be big assets to Voiz. she joined the team as a full time co-founder in june, 2021.

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