Yuki (Zhaoyuan) Chu

University of Cambridge
spring 2022
team lead:

Hi, there! I am Yuki, currently in my first year studying Economics at Christ's College, the University of Cambridge. I was born and grew up in a typically Chinese city emerging rapidly during the last two decades. I witnessed how my hometown achieved economic growth associated with environmental sustainability successfully. This inspires me to explore the way to pursue sustainability without at expense of economic growth (profitability in micro) and thus, encourage more individuals and firms to participate in environmental protection. With the stereotype that all investment banks are concerned is making money, I surprisingly noticed that a large number of investment banks embed Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) into their investments. They issue sustainable equity funds absorbing private capital and invest in green industries to promote sustainability. I want to go beyond my professional and academic experiences to analyse how these sustainable investments influence our planet and to what extent the environment is improved through them. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar, reading and travelling with my friends. I am really excited to join Voiz so that I can learn more about sustainable business analysis and hopefully make positive impacts on our world.

Lazard Global Sustainable Equity Fund

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Yuki (Zhaoyuan) Chu